Dirty Birds’ Wayne Gandy On The Plight Of The Black QB

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Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole gets an earful from Falcons LT Wayne Gandy on one of Rush Limbaugh’s fave topics.

Gandy has a pretty interesting take on why black quarterbacks such as current teammate Michael Vick undergo so much public scrutiny. Gandy has watched teammates “ Vick, Aaron Brooks in New Orleans, Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh, Tony Banks in St. Louis and Dameyune Craig at Auburn “ operate under a different set of standards.

(Dameyune Craig, representing the glory of the Scottish Claymores)

“When fans and coaches see a black quarterback, it’s automatic that they expect to see a guy who is more athletic,” Gandy said. “So what happens when you get around the goal line or you get in those situations where most quarterbacks are taught to throw it away or get rid of the ball for a short gain if the play breaks down? The black quarterback is told, ‘Do something, make a big play.’

“That’s where you see a lot of Michael’s sacks come from. He’s supposed to make something happen in a situation where it’s probably not going to work. You see where the coaches and fans are expecting that, but it’s not really teaching him the right way to play.

“It’s all about the tutelage they get from the time they’re in college on. I saw that with Dameyune Craig. He was told, ‘If your first read isn’t there, take off and run.’ Do you think that anyone ever told Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to do that? Again, it’s about the tutelage they get.”

3 Responses to “Dirty Birds’ Wayne Gandy On The Plight Of The Black QB”

  1. josh says:

    I doubt Marshall’s head coach told Byron Leftwich to run, as he is as slow as Drew Bledsoe. I think this has a lot more to do with the skill-sets a player has at the time they show up at a university or nfl training camp then it does anything else.

    Now I do think the idea that a running QB somehow can’t be an intelligent QB is pretty racist (ex: Vince Young).

  2. cane4 says:

    Man, that was a funny post. You must be kidding yourself. The reason he was sacked so much is you did not block well. Keep dreaming that the entire world is against you as a race as they continue to pay you nicely for playing a game. Incredible.

  3. GC says:


    if being well paid for playing a game precludes Gandy from having an opinion, presumably we need to hear much, much more from geniuses like you who watch him for free.

    I must’ve missed the part where Wayne said anything about the entire world being against him as a race. I’m surprised anyone thinks it is flammatory to suggest that black QB’s (the lumbering Leftwich aside) have to contend with a different bunch of expectations.

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