Dolphis Sign Dopey QB

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Brock Berlin, (above) starting QB at the University of Miami the past two seasons, has signed with the Miami Dolphins. Berlin is expected to rank 4th on the Dolphins depth chart behind AJ Feeley, Gus Frerotte and Sage Rosenfels. If you’re curious why Berlin wasn’t drafted this past weekend, perhaps it has something to do with his performance on the Wonderlic intelligence test, scoring a reputed 13 out of 50 (the lowest mark of any of the quarterbacks tested).

Berlin shouldn’t feel too bad about this. Anyone who knows how the real world works will acknowledge that aptitude tests are culturally biased against minorities. And what segment of the population could be a smaller minority than aspiring QB’s named Brock?

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  1. charles says:

    13 is still considerably higher than Aaron Brooks’ reported score. He was a highly regarded (though under-the-Kiper-radar) QB that fell to the 4th round when he graded out as “retarded.”

    I watch the Saints every week. He has great physical skills, but I see no reason to doubt the accuracy of the tests. We lose two time outs a game because he can’t call an audible.

  2. Ryan Leaf says:

    fuckin’ brainiacs

  3. charles says:

    Note to self: Google first, then comment. Aaron Brooks scored a stratospheric 17.

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