Donnie Walsh Is Not Writing For The Detroit Free Press…

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…but Drew Sharp is more than willing to do the Knicks GM’s sales job, declaring in Sunday’s paper “The Pistons would be a good spot for Zach Randolph” (thanks to Jason Cohen for the link).

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The New York Knicks power forward fits the profile that Joe Dumars defined as prerequisites for a trade. Randolph is an impact player. He’ll definitely fill a void, providing a consistent low-post offensive presence. But the most intriguing aspect of courting Randolph is that it might not cost the Pistons as much as trying to get Carmelo Anthony or Tracy McGrady.

Randolph, the former Michigan State star, doesn’t fit in new Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo offensive philosophy. He also has three years and an outrageous $48 million remaining on his contract, making him even more expendable.

The Pistons should have gone after Randolph last season, when Portland shopped him around, but Dumars was confident that his veteran core had at least one more serious shot at the crown.

Coming in a future edition of the Miami Herald : “Jerome James, The Heat’s Missing Piece Of The Puzzle”

3 Responses to “Donnie Walsh Is Not Writing For The Detroit Free Press…”

  1. Mike says:

    Drew Sharp was either bored or looking at his nba fantasy team lineup for 2008-09 when he wrote this.

    1. Randolph’s idea of defense is wearing deodorant.
    2. When someone on his team tells him to pass, Randolph looks in the stands for a blond lady.
    3. Randolph’s body makes Kevin Love look like Mr. Universe.
    4. Joe Dumars doesn’t do ‘Max” contracts.

    Walsh and New York deserve him. The idea that Dumars would want Randolph wearing a PIstons uniform is almost as dumb as the idea that Dumars would want Anthony wearing a Pistons uniform.

  2. ryanbrown says:

    Joe D. certainly has his work cut out for him trying to get the Pistons back to the Finals. The only viable option as far as an inside scorer would be Boozer but lets be realistic. Utah would never take on Sheed. Getting another perimeter scorer like Anthony or McGrady just leaves them with the same hole in the middle.

    Drew is just being Drew here. Having Zach is a Piston uniform would certainly give him more material to mine. Not to mention give him another Spartan to criticize.

    Maybe Drew’s just sick of spending so much time with Wob Parker? Perhaps he’s looking for a charter membership into the Hoop Family?

  3. Nathan says:

    Drew Sharp is the joke of Detroit sports writers.

    At least here he was speaking about a team he covered first-hand for a number of years, so his credibility isn’t complete garbage.

    Nothing is worse after he writes his typical post-playoff column on the Red Wings, acting like he knows what the hell he’s talking about, even though he’s only watched a grand total of maybe 10 games the entire season.

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