Duke Deposed

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LSU 62, Duke 54

In what has to be the biggest moment for LSU hoops since the Dale Brown/Shaquille O’Neal era (or the premiere of Nick Nolte’s “Blue Chips”, take your pick), no. 1 Duke were knocked off earlier tonight at the Georgia Dome. The All-Universe G JJ Redick scored a mere 11 points on 3 for 18 shooting ; LSU’s Tyrus Thomas (above) had 5 blocks and F Glen Davis scored 8 of his 14 points on frequent trips to the foul line.

Texas is leading West Virgina, 39-27 at the half. LaMarcus Alridge has been unstoppable (16 points on 8 for 8 shooting), and the Mountaineers absolutely ice cold from within the 3 point arc. As tempting as it might be to say the Longhorns have a clear path to Indy with Duke out of the way, the tandem of Thomas and Davis are going to present a challenge for whoever faces them on Saturday.

Gonzaga are up, 35-20 over UCLA with about 4 minutes left in the first half. Adam Morrison just made barbers and Bruins fans across the country very glum with a nice drive to the hole along the baseline, splitting two defenders. Not literally — the FCC won’t let CBS get away with teen sex, so disembloweling is most certainly off limits.

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  1. Marc says:

    My alma mater doesn’t seem to have a hoops team (that I can remember), so March Madness means nothing to me unless I’m somehow lucky enough to see a Frozen Four game… but, I did catch the last 2 minutes of the LSU, UT, and UCLA victories tonight and all were mighty exciting.

    At least, they were exciting enough that I’m glad I didn’t go get those free beers/vodka drinks at Austin’s new Beauty Bar! I’d have a nice pedicure right about now thought if I had gone though.

  2. Marc says:

    Come on, that’s like saying Tampa Bay has had a pro baseball team for the past decade.

    Cornell men’s hoops ranks below the women’s polo team (who have won the national championship about a billion times apparently) in popularity on campus which says a lot about the quality of the program.

  3. Jon Solomon says:

    The last three or four Princeton/Cornell games I’ve been to in Ithaca have been surprisingly well-attended, even with hockey games going on nextdoor. The Big Red have actually done pretty well the past two years in Ivy play, finishing second in 04-05 and third in 05-06.

  4. Marc says:

    My senior year when Princeton came from nowhere and was the feel good story of the year in the NCAA tourney was the only time I remember anyone on campus talking about going to an athletics event not involving ice skates.

    There were games I attended as an undergrad where the number of people in the stands could be counted on my fingers and toes.

    But to be fair, most of the campus is willing to ignore ALL sports (including Men’s ice hockey) until the ECACHL playoffs begin. Homecoming for the football team is less about the game than it is sitting in a fenced off area of the parking lot drinking warm beer.

  5. Marc says:

    Edit to above: That might have been my junior year. I don’t remember anything but standing on a long line with my student ID to get into Newman Arena or whatever it was called at the Field House.

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