ESPN : Dealing With Internal Zipper Issues (In 140 Characters Or Less)

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So that’s that.  Phillips’ credibility wasn’t considered an issue when he suggested Josh Hamilton was undeserving of a Cincinnati roster spot, nor did anyone at the network raise an eyebrow when Phillips suggested Barry Bonds’ record breaking HR had to occur at home “for the good of baseball”.  In the wake of a consensual extramarital affair, however, one that caused additional scrutiny to be placed on the Bristol U. campus, the former Mets GM apparently cannot do his job properly.   For instance, the next time he and Joe Morgan had a disagreement on “Sunday Night Baseball”, Morgan could reply, “yeah, but you had sex with someone who wasn’t your wife. And bloggers didn’t think she was very attractive.”  ARGUMENT OVER.

Surely Phillips isn’t being sacked simply because ESPN and Disney are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage? If that’s the case, Phillips supporters (all zero of them) might well wonder at what point the network established an official policy banning infidelity.  If the cringe factor came from what sounds like the exploitation of a subordinate half his age,  ESPN ought to specify as much. As a Connecticut native, I’d hate to think one of the Nutmeg State’s most widely recognized entities  has gone all puritanical on us.

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  1. MWelsh says:

    GC, I have to thank you for the Joe Morgan “Sunday Night Baseball” exchange… A great belly-laugh to start the week.

  2. Rog says:

    I’m going to miss his priceless baseball analysis. Basically, the opposite of what he says is usually true, which helps a lot if you play fantasy baseball. My team improved 5 spots this year. Here’s hoping that he learns how to turn on a computer so that he can start blogging soon.

  3. TB says:

    I remember watching a Phillies game on ESPN toward the end of the whole Roy Halladay trading deadline thing (at the point when everybody and his mother realized that the Blue Jays were demanding way too much for the guy). Phillips basically said that the Phillies had to get Halladay by whatever means was necessary. I believe he mentioned trading J.A. Happ, Kyle Drabek and Carlos Carrasco to the Blue Jays. Miller or Morgan mentioned other, cheaper, players to acquire…including Cliff Lee. Phillips immediately discounted these suggestions.
    Guess what I’m trying to say is good luck in your future endeavors Steve.

  4. zaxxon25 says:

    I guess ESPN disagrees with the premise put forth in “Connecticut’s For Fucking” – namely that there’s nothing else to do there.

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