Fish Flunk “Spot The Jew”

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Morgan Ensberg, unavailable for comment. Rod Carew as well.

From the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi (link borrowed from Baseball Think Factory)

The Marlins thought they were honoring their Jewish first baseman when they decided to give away Mike Jacobs T-shirts as part of Jewish Heritage Day at Dolphin Stadium last Sunday.

One small problem ” Jacobs (above) isn’t Jewish, a fact the Marlins would have learned if they’d asked Jacobs himself.Better yet, they could have contacted Martin Abramowitz.

As records custodian for the non-profit Jewish Major Leaguers Inc., Abramowitz is on a mission to catalogue every Jewish player who ever played in the majors ” from Lipman Pike of the 1871 Troy Haymakers to Kevin Youkilis of the 2006 Boston Red Sox.

He’s at 154 now, and his mission also includes distinguishing the likes of Shawn Green and Brad Ausmus from imposters like Mike Jacobs and Walt Weiss, players with common Jewish names who are not.

“Of course, the classic misapplication in the last couple of years has been David Eckstein (of the St. Louis Cardinals). David happens to be a very pious Christian,” said Abramowitz, who also works as vice president of the Jewish Federation in Boston.

The too-legit-to-quit Jewish Shawn Green had a pair of RBI’s tonight in Arizona’s 2-1 win over Atlanta. Juan Cruz scattered 5 hits in 7 shutout innings, and former Met Jorge Julio earned his 2nd save of the year, despite allowing a 9th inning solo HR to Andruw Jones.

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  1. David Roth says:

    This is the second time I’ve read that article, and for the second time, my brain has read somewhat ahead to the words “Troy Haymakers” and pre-emptively decided that LaTroy Hawkins is Jewish. For the record, I’m pretty sure LaTroy Hawkins is not Jewish.

    That said, there are many Jewish prospects moving up through the minors even as we speak. I know this because I help make baseball cards for them. Martin Abramowitz, are you ready for Micah Schnurstein and Stuart Pomeranz?

  2. chaim goldberg says:

    I noticed the two names Schnurstein and Pomeranz in your last comment. I have yet to find another source anywhere confirming their Jewish origins. I am curious as to what specifics led you in ascertaining their ancestry.

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