For Adam Eaton, or Brett Myers?

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The New York Post suggests Manny Ramirez might be bound for Philly. I say put him in a package with Jon Lester – then the Sox could pick up Ryan Howard two years sooner than they’re inevitably gonna.

…[S]ources said the Mets’ No. 1 nemesis, the Phillies, have the best chance to trade for Ramirez because Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel has perhaps the strongest relationship with him of anyone in the majors.

Manuel was Ramirez’s hitting coach with the Indians from 1994-99 and his manager in Cleveland in 2000, and the two have remained close.

This is true enough. In fact, Franz Lidz didn’t exactly have himself a scoop:

“I remember the day he flushed a towel down the toilet and messed up the whole water system at Jacobs Field,” Manuel said.

Ramirez thought nothing of it…

In Cleveland, Ramirez would have mail sent to Manuel’s house. Manuel knew Ramirez well – still does – and said the slugger’s antics and flightiness should not be mistaken for a lack of intelligence.

“Don’t take it for him not being smart, because he’s sure not dumb,” Manuel said.

That said, Manuel believes one of Ramirez’s strengths as a player is that he doesn’t overthink things.

One day, Manuel and Ramirez were doing a little hitting and a little joking in the batting cage at Yankee Stadium.

“Shut up, Charlie. I know what I’m doing,” Ramirez playfully told Manuel.

“I’ve got a feeling if you knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t be worth [a darn],” Manuel shot back.

What’s up with the “a” inside those brackets? Does that mean Charlie said that Manny wasn’t worth “shit,” rather than “a damn”?

Anyway, such a move would certainly remove the clubhouse diva title from the Phillies’ reigning MVP and shortstop. And since the Red Sox need relief help and Brett Myers makes $12 million next year, the two teams could fashion a “my problem for yours” sort of arrangement. But of all the major league cities Myers could end up in, the one where he actually committed an alleged act of domestic violence might be the least likely. And in the end, it’s really, really hard to see the Phillies trading for a player of that temperament or salary, no matter how rich and aggressive John Middleton may try to be.

Plus, it’s an item in the Post. But if I were Theo Epstein, I would totally give Ed Wade a call.

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  1. chewywellington says:

    1. Never going to happen.

    2. Ed Wade is the GM in Houston not Philly, although Philly fans are still recovering from some of his decisions.

  2. ryan says:

    Ed Wade is the Houston’s GM.
    Pat Gillick

  3. The Phils fired Ed Wade in 2005.

  4. Rog says:

    Ughhhh, a man can dream, I guess. Manny is an immovable object because of his no-trade and 10-5 rights. He’s asshole enough to veto a trade especially given his recent run-ins w/management just to tick them off. He wants out yet he’d totally ruin a deal…I’m sure of it. I was thinking that the NY Mess would probably like to do a deal for him but I don’t see a good fit there.

  5. itsmetsforme says:

    why must you ruin my day of rest with such reports?

  6. Ward York says:

    Wow — suggesting that the Red Sox would actually give up Lester AND Manny and/or take on Ryan Howard when they’ve got a perfectly fine (albeit power-shorted)1B already in tow for a lot less (and a perfectly robust DH under contract), never mind trade “problems” by assuming the ghost of Brett Myers’ free-swinging ass (for the sort of relief help you can get with a laxative OD and a Taco Bell run), is the sort of cross-eyed wishcasting I’d expect from my dad (if he were a Phillies fan) or Steve Phillips (if he was studying for the Wonderlic).

    Then again, as blackmail noted, if Theo is actually calling up Ed Wade to talk about acquiring Ryan Howard, anything’s possible.

  7. GC says:

    point of order, folks. Jason never actually identified Ed Wade as Philly’s current GM. Perhaps Theo would call Ed Wade in order to find out the exact words NOT to say to Shawn Chacon to avoid being placed in a sleeperhold.

    just in case, you know, Theo runs into Chacon at Dunkin’ Donuts.

  8. Jimmy Qualls says:

    I wouldn’t accept Charlie Manuel as an expert witness on the subject of intelligence. Manuel calling Manny Ramirez “intelligent” is like Billy Barty calling Nate Robinson “tall.”

  9. Chuck Meehan says:

    I dont think this makes sense unless Pat Burrell is involved as both Burrell and Ramirez can only play the LF position. However, I would not be shocked if
    the Red Sox cut Ramirez loose after the season and bring Burrell on board for 2009 as Burrells plate discipline, pitch count working and high obp/ops would fit the Red Sox.

  10. Jason Cohen says:

    I dunno, how bad could his RF defense be compared to Geoff Jenkins’ offense? (Jayson Werth is another story).

    I agree Burrell makes perfect sense there. I would hate to see him go sooner than that, especially since I’d just as soon offer him arbitration and take the picks. But if the Phillies really could get the Red Sox to eat one of those pitchers contracts as part of the deal you know they’d love to do it.

    Sorry my sarcasm (regarding Lester) and my Ed Wade reference were too subtle…

  11. David Roth says:

    Best Billy Barty joke of 2008. Kudos.

  12. GC says:

    any GM that trades for Manny without dropping his own problem child on Boston ought to be amongst the first witnesses called in Barry Bonds’ collusion suit.

  13. Ward York says:

    [i]Sorry my sarcasm (regarding Lester) and my Ed Wade reference were too subtle… [/i]

    I blame the sordid world of sports journalism for making “Manny-Lester for Arby’s coupon” trade offers seem plausible in a STFU manner.

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