Hate Crimes Against Boston Fans Continue

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This oughta take the shine off Pedroia and Ellsbury going nuts at Coors ;   Mr. Irrelevant’s Chris Mottram with words that should have Denis Leary and Phil Jupitus alike contemplating buying Orioles season tickets giving up on baseball.

I think I™ve made it pretty clear in this space previously how much I hate the Nation of Red Sock. The real Sox fans are unbearable Massholes, and the bandwagon fans ” which most of their fan base is comprised of ” should probably kill themselves now. I™m not sure at what point it became cool to wear a cap with a ˜B™ on it, but I assure you that it is not, in anyway, cool. It makes you look f™ing stupid and your friends have no respect for you.

Ahem, bandwagon fans? Tough talk indeed from someone who actually thinks Jimmy Kimmel is funny, but full credit to Mottram — he gets to the point much faster than Dan Shaughnessy.

13 Responses to “Hate Crimes Against Boston Fans Continue”

  1. hot shit college student says:

    I like the effort, but puh-lease. “The real Sox fans” aren’t rooting for the team that has “Red Sox” embroidered on its uniform. I don’t know what a Masshole is either. People from Boston all sound like they have Down Syndrome, so let’s cool it on the personal insults.

  2. GC says:

    “People from Boston all sound like they have Down Syndrome”

    Please, lay off Dickey Barrett.

  3. When did I ever say Jimmy Kimmel was funny? Although, his girl (Sarah Silverman) is actually hilarious.

    But really, thanks for inserting words into my mouth.

  4. bc says:

    i am guessing that sox fans, real and imagined, probably won’t give a crap about the backlash that comes with success (even if it means being called retarded or incontinent or both). also, i thought the term ‘masshole’ related particularly to driving habits and have never heard it taken as an insult. call ‘em (scoreboard)what you want (scoreboard).

  5. GC says:

    my apologies, Chris. When you wrote ” please just watch Jimmy Kimmel’s PSA for Sox Nation. It made me feel slightly better” I should’ve realized you didn’t actually think the video was funny. In the future, I’ll try harder to take your remarks in the proper context —- that recommending a video that seems to express your own sentiments isn’t actually an endorsement or anything.

  6. It was an endorsement for the video that echoed my sentiments about “red sox nation.” It doesn’t mean that I find Jimmy Kimmel (or the video, for that matter) particularly funny.

    It’s a minor detail, that I only point out because your main attack back against me seems to be that I find him to be funny.

  7. Rog says:

    But you find Sarah Silverman to be funny. Chris, you’re a clown. And not a funny clown, either. You’re just a boring clown.

  8. GC says:


    this wasn’t intended as much of an attack. Certainly nothing as provocative as suggesting bandwagon Red Sox fans should kill themselves.

    That said, I’m grateful you’ve cleared this up. It’s never a minor detail when someone is reluctant to say something nice about Jimmy Kimmel.

  9. Thanks, Rog. Although I’d rather be a “boring clown” than a douchebag who anonymously insults people in the comment section of a blog post.

    GC: Touche. Let’s never fight again. Promise? Promise.

  10. Eric B says:

    bc – good guess.

  11. GC says:

    Chris, I sooo hate fighting. But I should warn you, some of my best friends are massholes.

  12. Some of mine are the bandwagon fans. You know, the ones I said should kill themselves. Yeah, I’m a good friend, I guess.

  13. jake says:

    Boston Red Sox fans are fascists with attitude problems. People getting rip sh*t pissed over a sport? Lame people.

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