Have The Years Been Kind To “Joe From Saddle River”?

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Through the auspices of Nyjer Please, you can be the judge.  :


Even scarier, who decided to replace Joe Benigno-Gazingo’s WFAN website photo with a recent portrait of Wally Backman?

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  1. Fred Farnsworth says:

    Joe’s ghoulish appearance bothers me far less than the scant effort his employer, WFAN, puts into every lame show they run

    Where are the guests? Where’s the excitement?? I was all prepared to love listening to Yankee rehab this week but was bored and annoyed to hear the inarcticulate mumblings of Beningo and the screeching drivel that comes from his much younger but not much brighter partner.

    Their “Guests” that day were Sweeny Murti, big deal he’s on speed dial with every lazy FAN show after every game, and Sam Beningo, Joe’s nicotine and tattoo addicted daughter who also happens to be addicted to bad playoff baseball as she is of course, a Yankbaker fan.

    Wow, great stuff, Evan and Joe. You’re really setting yourselves apart from Somers and Salzberg. But don’t worry fellas. Your current employer let their no talent, no rating, no anything show fester for seven years before pulling the plug. Your no guest, no chemistry and no fun show should get at least that much time

  2. Bill says:

    If they barred him from saying the following
    broken english, lame brain remarks” he’d be speechless

    “no doubt about it”
    “one of the all time greats”

    3 hours a day of crap

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