In Which WFAN’s Mike Francesca Attempts To Lose 10 Pounds Of Ugly Fat…

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…without cutting off his own head. From the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick.

Thursday, Mike Francesa revealed that, following medical tests, he must change his diet. For starters, Francesa said that he can no longer eat meat from “four-legged animals.” His partner, Chris Russo, asked for an example. “Cows,” Francesa replied. “What about hamburgers?” asked Russo. Francesa also said that he should no longer eat bread. “Can you eat bagels?” asked Russo. Francesa told him that bagels are made from bread. “French toast?” asked Russo. French toast, Francesa told him, is made from bread. “Pancakes?” asked Russo.

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  1. john oberto says:

    mike, notre dame is a fraud. they want to be included in the bcs but they don,t want to join a conference because they would have to share the revenue.i will never give them any respect at all with out them joining a conference. they want their own set of rules such as a national t.v. contract but and included in a bcs bowl game. how does a team ranked #11 get a game when the top ten teams in the polls get a less attractive game than the team behind them.check the stats. in their nine straight bowl -losses, they lost by an aveage of almost 3 touchdowns. but lets contnue to put them in a prime bowl so they can continue to get the most exposure than any other college team because of their name and the greed they have. money is the only talent they have in that program. they should stop playing the donkeys of college football and start playing tough teams. oh but thats right they would continue to get blown out! and god knows we have to set their schedule up to get them their 10 wins. they are a joke.

  2. angelo marino says:

    Whom it may concern…..I believe Mike Francesca spends a lot of time at saratoga racetrack in august . I would like to send him art of the track.Where can i send it.? I think he will like it.

    Sincerely .. Angelo From NY

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