Miami’s Diminutive Accujack Enthusiast : In Retrospect, Perhaps I Had No Idea What I Was Doing

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It would be a colossal understatement to say the Marlins’ oft-ridiculed decision to move GM Dan Jennings from the front office to the dugout last spring turned out poorly. On Wednesday, charmless team president David Samson announced they’d be moving in fences in next season (“the thought of a left fielder jumping in the Clevelander [...]


A Rather Elaborate Effort To Send Miami’s Diminutive Accu-jack Enthusiast Packing

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Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky reported Thursday that Marlins President David Samson — right hand man of the despised Jeffrey Loria and utter embarrassment to what’s left of Miami’s baseball fans — was the target of an orchestrated attempt to convince media (including the scooptastic New Times) that Samson had uttered racially offensive remarks concerning OF Marcel [...]


Finally, There’s Someone In The Marlins Organization With Worse P.R. Skills Than David Samson

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If you’re Miami P Jarred Cosart and you’ve previously distinguished yourself on Twitter by calling Justin Bieber a fag, what do you do for an encore? How about openly boast of a gambling jones, then claim you’ve been hacked? New Times’ Tim Elfrink provides the details : Cosart’s troubles started last night with a gambling [...]


Nitkowski : Pirates Exec Showed Poor Integtrity (In Burying Two Guys With Zero Integrity)

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Of Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s recent 10 year, $325 million contract extension, Pittsburgh president Frank Coonelly told Trib Live’s Rob Biertempfel that Florida aren’t sweating the details (“they thought it was a great deal,’ Coonelly said. ‘I just couldn’t get my head around the $325 million. They said to me, ‘You don’t understand. (Stanton) has [...]


New Times’ Yousefi : Stanton Megadeal Is The Begining Of The End For Jeffrey Loria In Miami

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While one observer marked Miami’s signing of Giancarlo Stanton to a 13-year, $325 million extension by recalling a time not so long ago when David Samson lectured another club about fiscal restraint, New Times’ Ryan Yousefi considers it cause for celebration, arguing that amongst other things, locking up Stanton will actually hasten owner Jeffrey Loria’s [...]


From The Desk Of Randy L. : Once Again, I’ve Got A Great Deal For The New York Mets

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(EDITOR’S NOTE : from time to time, Bronx baseball executive Randy L. takes to CSTB to address the important issues of the day, sporting and otherwise.  After published reports this week suggested the New York Yankees would force disgraced veteran Alex Rodriguez to take the sort of spring training bus trips players of his stature [...]


Seattle’s Logan Morrison : Fuzzy On Native American History, Neglects To Mention Those High-Earning Casinos

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Marlins President David Samson once suggested Logan Morrison dial down the tweeting for his own good. So thanks, LoMo, for creating a situation where I actually find myself on the same side of an issue with David fucking Samson. I’m not sure which is worse, the casual indifference to the Native American Experience or that [...]


Please Refrain From Calling Marlins Prez David Samson A Total Scumbag…

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…because it’s downright unfair. To prophylactic manufacturers, that is. At least they serve some sort of purpose. Miami Marlins exec David Samson (above) has been a CSTB fixture for several years, whether for his penis-pump advocacy, personal fitness regiment or running interference for the worst owner in professional sports south of James Dolan. On Thursday, [...]


Logan Morrison To Critics : You’re Sexless (Or Homosexual)

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Courtesy Baseball Think Factory, former Marlins OF and recipient of Twitter-etiquette lessons from David Samson Logan Morrison celebrated his arrival in Seattle….by suggesting a social media heckler is gay. I guess,”do I come to where you work and knock the dick out of your mouth?” doesn’t work nearly as well on Twitter as it does [...]


Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Is Leaving All Decisions Up To His His Baseball Person (ie. Himself)

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Over the years, there’s been no shortage of suggestions that Miami’s Jeffrey Loria (above, shown using Muhammad Ali as human shield) isn’t merely an thoroughly unpleasant person to work for, but that when it comes to integrity, he makes Fred Wilpon look like Ian MacKaye.  Now, with his Marlins playing to an empty stadium and [...]