It’s Been A Great Monday For Dumb QB’s Finding New Gigs

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Let the roll call commence,

1) The zillion-dollar arm/ten cent skull combo platter that is Jeff George has signed a contract with Oakland.

2) Hard-drinking, N-word dropping Kerry Collins has agreed to become Vince Young’s valet in Nashville. Or his mentor. I’m not sure which.

3) No-show job specialist / one-man season killer Rhett Bomar, formerly of Oklahoma, has enrolled at Division I-AA Sam Houston State.

In other news, Mack Brown has named Colt McCoy the new starting QB at Texas. Not since Richard Grieco supplanted Johnny Depp on “21 Jump Street” has anyone had such big shoes to fill. (I was gonna go for the Gary Cherone/Sammy Hagar tandem, but then this entry would’ve taken on more of a Klosterman tone than the industry-standard sub-Simmons crap that keeps the advertisers happy).

5 Responses to “It’s Been A Great Monday For Dumb QB’s Finding New Gigs”

  1. Joel says:

    Could this post be considered questioning the intellect of prominent caucasian-americans? Because I know that as a crusader of racial equity CSTB looks down on such things.

  2. Rog says:

    I dunno, I think Richard Greico was on concurrently with Depp on the show. They really replaced the Hanson character with officer ‘Mac’ McCann.

  3. GC says:


    If you’d like to defend the intellect of Jeff George, Kerry Collins or Rhett Bomar, by all means, knock yourself out.

    I’m serious. I mean, REALLY, knock yourself out. If you can get up off the ground, you’re not trying hard enough.

    Not only will I question the intellectual capacity of prominent caucasian-americans, I’m not above doing the same for persons of undetermined ethnic backgrounds such as yourself.

    Rog, I stand corrected. Never again will I venture into such Simmon-like territory, at least not without having Don Smith vet the entry.

  4. kt says:

    i can’t believe jeff george can still get a gig in the nfl. this tells me two things: 1. art shell is REALLY secure in his job and 2. aaron brooks must suck so much more than i’d already thought (which is quite a lot, incidentally).

  5. j says:

    Mac McCaughan was on 21 Jump Street?

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