Jays C To Critic : I Might Suck At Baseball, But At Least I’m Not Fat

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Toronto catcher J.P. Arencibia is hitting .063 entering tonight’s game against Tampa.  If you’re of the opinion that batting averages aren’t everything, well, his OBP is .118.   After nearly two weeks of competitive baseball, that’s probably enough time to suggest that Arencibia is off to a rather shitty start offensively, though the Jays backstop took considerable offense at WGGB’s Eric Mirlis pointing out what was hardly classified information.

All of which begs the question, given that his 2012 season is off to such a rotten start, unless he’s prepared to deal with a degree of mockery, why is Arencibia doing a Twitter search for his own name?  I’m not saying he doesn’t have a right of reply, but unless Mirlis has another career as a movie star or male model, I’m going to take a very wild guess that he’s slightly better at his job than Arencibia is at his own chosen profession.  At times like this (and only at times like this), we’re reminded how very lucky the New York Mets are that Jason Bay…isn’t following my twitter feed.

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  1. Jbreezy says:

    But he has that great Kurkjian impression, does that not count for anything? I don’t see Mirl the Pearl and his multiple chins making Tito swoon anytime soon …

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