July 18 In Tweets : If Phil Cuzzi’s Slain Tonight, Can I Adopt His Seeing Eye-Dog?

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(guess what? I’m still in Chicago!)

  • most undeserved, too. Who oughta be more pissed, Santana or Bochy? RT @hotfootblog: Most infuriating Mets win in some time. #
  • 4-3 finale, K-Rod gets the win, Phil Cuzzi to receive many obsecene phone calls. Imagine if SF was more of sports town? #
  • put the winning run on first? No problem! #jerrywhatmeworry #
  • how’s that help Tim Hardaway? RT @fishsports: rule of thumb 4 sports interviewers and -ees: Use ‘Nazis,’ ‘Slavery,’ ‘Rape’, etc. at own risk #
  • RT @fishsports: Miami politicos thinking of renaming fallen buildings the ‘World Wade Center’ #
  • God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You : Ike Davis doubles off Brian Wilson scoring Bay. Mets 4, Giants 3, top of the 10th #
  • Huff grounds out to Davis and we go to the 10th inning. Blown save for K-Rod, hold for Cuzzi #
  • not as much as I regret re-tweeting Fanhouse! RE http://bit.ly/bOnYYE #
  • Sepp Blatter just called. He’d like to offer Phil Cuzzi’s umpiring crew new jobs. #
  • ballgame oughta be over ; Wright sailed the throw, Blanco was late with the tage. SF 3, Mets 3, btm 9th, 2, runners on the corners #
  • pretty safe to say I wish Phil Cuzzi had thrown K-Rod out of the game. #
  • even the Giants brodcasters think Phil Cuzzi’s lost it #
  • if the slider -averse K-Rod really has a mechanical flaw, why in blazes is he working it out in games that count? #
  • really, what’s worse – not making Barkley’s 5 or 9-11? #
  • RT @NBAFanHouse : Wade: “If we lose a couple in a row this season, it will be like 9-11″ http://bit.ly/bU1hAn #
  • Tweet of the Week from @athleticsnation : “Royals Erupt for 5 in the 9th (to lose by less)” RE http://bit.ly/90Ar8X #
  • Roy O takes liner off ankle, leaves game…and perhaps the trade block http://bit.ly/9jm25J #
  • Wright solo HR, Mets lead, 2-1. Much like the Apollo moon landing and the recording of The Cult’s ‘Electric’, I don’t quite believe this #
  • Because Sandoval stretching is scary RT @metsgrrl: Why do fans scream for autographs when the players are stretching ? I don’t get it. #
  • David Roth on The Most Misunderstood People Of All Time (Not The Jews) And Gallagher (Not Noel) http://bit.ly/b6W8Ac #
  • SORRY, CRONOS http://tweetphoto.com/33512868 #
  • Chicago’s CAVE, Balance Stage, Pitchfork Festival http://tweetphoto.com/33512738 #
  • so Johan’s 61-19 after the All-Star Break? Wild guess, his teams scored more than 0 runs during each of those 61 victories #
  • i think i just walked into a door RT @NYBD: Acquiring Myers Make Sense for Next Year http://bit.ly/9L8aPh #
  • Pat Misch sobs RT @Ledger_NYMets: Takahashi expected to remain in Mets rotation for next start http://bit.ly/dzLakW #
  • Cloud Nothings, Subterranean, Chicago http://tweetphoto.com/33396046 #
  • @WOVENBONES there’s @RayonBeach posters all over my hotel VIP suite. It’s insane. Why can’t Victory Rec’s market this well? in reply to WOVENBONES #
  • Will Shatter bobblehead night at AT&T Park is not on my pocket schedule RE http://bit.ly/bJrO61 #
  • earlier today, i wondered when the Mets would score runs for their excellent starters. Taka’s solved that ; he was anything but excellent #
  • awesome product placement for the recycling conscious @WOVENBONES at Pitchfork @hozacrecords http://tweetphoto.com/33371711 #

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