June 21, 2010 : Tweets From Brighton Beach Sans Mods, Rockers

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  • Not, however, a tribute to the lousy 90′s LA band Further, whom I once challenged to a knife fight while being interviewed on KXLU #
  • (pic swiped from michaelweiss31)

  • Cyclones tie-dye jerseys were apparently a tribute to Dead spinoff Furthur, who are playing MCU this weekend. #
  • @95Sports AJ’s refusing to mount a professional performance in the state of AZ. It’s a brave stance. Yr turn, Bono in reply to 95Sports #
  • Before you unruly Yankee fans get all pissed with AJ Burnett,understand tonight was really a passive/aggressive protest against SB 1070. #
  • Because he’s got so much to offer? RT @mlbtraderumors: Reds Agree To Terms With Gary Matthews Jr. http://bit.ly/dkIDez #mlb #
  • PSST. He means fornicating! RT @TheSportsHernia Forget A.J. Burnett, will Jeter be meeting Barkley after the game for a Road Beef stampede? #
  • Joe’s more of a Lizzy Mercier Descloux kinda guy RT @wallacematthews:Girardi not Gaga over Lady G:http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/yankees/ #
  • An actual, albeit brief chant of “KEVIN BURKHARDT” goes up. Trust me, Chris Cotter never heard such cheers. @KBurkhardtSNY #
  • RT @johnrobb77: BLOG! Frank Sidebottom RIPhttp://tinyurl.com/37xnedo (via @plasmatron) #
  • Just say Yo ; Yohan Almonte on in relief for the ‘Lol Wilpons. Brooklyn 5, Aberdeen 2, top 8 #
  • Best part of attending a Cyclones game is the high % of degenerates at the former Keyspan. But enough about Wally, the fans are funny, too. #
  • Aberdeen pitcher just drilled Ryan Sandoval. Hey, not everyone’s a Mazzy Star fan #
  • Worst part about arriving late is that I missed @KBurkhardtSNY performing the Russian national anthem before the game. #
  • Slightly too-casual Monday w/ Wally Backman (no. 6) http://yfrog.com/7gh0grj #
  • Tiny kids at Iron Birds/Cyclones game are struggling w/ “God Bless America”. Could be time for a Wally Meltdown! #
  • Brooklyn 5, Aberdeen 2, top of the 7th. Adam Gaylord at the plate. No reaction from sophisticated Coney Islanders http://yfrog.com/edw82nj #
  • and he’s wearing tie dye RT @NYBD: Gotta love Wally Backman uses every opportunity to teach during the game – very vocal and active #
  • Cyclones 4, Iron Birds 2, last of the 4th. ‘Lil Wilpons are saluting the legacy of Dude Love w/ tie-dye uniforms http://yfrog.com/j0a70vj #
  • if i use NFL team logos to sell my product sans league permission, can i just call it “promoting football?” prob. not http://bit.ly/c37YDG #
  • somebody, please offer @michaelstrahan a basic primer on trademark protection http://bit.ly/c37YDG #
  • i deleted my dad from facebook friends. he handled it pretty well. RT @metsgrrl ppl do throw hissys when you don’t follow/stop follow. #
  • 2nd most obvious reason for untweeting – how many subscription solicitations for Orangebloods.com can anyone read in one week? #
  • @metsgrrl best / most obvious reason for unfollowing – yr sick of reading uninteresting tweets. in reply to metsgrrl #
  • Plain Dealer writer suggests LeBron will stay in Cleveland if he likes zero pressure, low expectations. what? http://alturl.com/5ko4 #
  • and they say network TV’s doomed. RT @Brooklynmutt: Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on Letterman tonight #
  • RT @mosurock: Bob Walk, Texas Ranger #baseballtvshows #
  • feel bad for Steve Smith, but if a flag football injury didn’t void Lance Berkman’s contract, what’s the big deal? #
  • (Josh) McLoud #baseballtvshows #
  • Chad Qualls, Medicine Woman #baseballtvshows #
  • thought about blogging re: Obama’s refusal to do the wave at a Nats game. But I get enough tin foil hat mail already. http://bit.ly/9D3zpi #
  • I’d like to think that whoever did the voice of “The Fly” is both a senior citizen and a felon. #
  • a somewhat celebrated Sporting News columnist blogged today that his paper’s readership consists of senior citizens, ‘lil kids and felons. #
  • RT @triablo: Now that Deadspin’s been namechecked on PARTY DOWN, I’m looking forward to @CSTBtweet‘s 15 mins of fame on TNT’s HAWTHORNE. #
  • great news for Chicago – the Stanley Cup is not a (considerable) biohazard http://bit.ly/ds2UXN #
  • 26-44 Astros promote C Castro, OF Bourgeios, 3B Johnson from Round Rock (PCL) http://bit.ly/cw1Me6 #
  • Mets and Cyclones’ online ticketing has been crash-city since Sunday afternoon. Ollie’s reassignment to the sales dept. hasn’t panned out #

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  1. itsmetsforme says:

    i don’t understand this new tweak feature. But i do like to read about Kevin Burkhardt. What should i do?

  2. ryan brown says:

    from what i understand, the whole Aberdeen pitching staff are Opal purists.

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