Just Pray They Don’t Lose The Remote

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With apologies to Daniel Miller’s “TVOD”, shown above is the new big ass, HD video screen at Texas’ Darryl Royal-Memorial Stadium (pic swiped from Longhornmafia.com)

How big is the TV that Vince Young built? So big, that I’ll be able to see crowd shots of visiting Ohio State fans getting their shoes puked on without leaving my front porch.

Aspiring Eli Manning understudy and former Kentucy QB Jared Lorenzen (above) is the subject of not one, but two profiles in Sunday’s NY papers.  The Post manages to work the phrase “fat chance” into their headline, while the Gray Lady opts for the more subtle claim that the 285 poind Lorenzen’s impressive preseason performances have “tipped the scales” in his favor.

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  1. Marc says:

    Rumor has it, the TDOT is investigating whether or not the new screen constitutes a traffic hazard for drivers on I-35. Apparently, enough people gawked during the building (and when the tower was lit up with the #1) from the upperdeck of I-35 that they’re truly concerned.

    Forget the fact that I-35 has entrance ramps that swerve directly into a concrete pillar 12 feet after you’re supposed to enter the highway between two 18 wheelers going 70mph… the screen is the reason why there might be an extra 3 accidents on Saturday afternoons!

    I’ll be attending my first ever Longhorns game next Saturday so at least I won’t have to lean out my car window to get a better view of the screen.

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