Last January, Josh Hamilton Picked A Lousy Day To Quit Heroin Whipped Cream

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Leave it to the fact-finding mavens at Deadspin to reduce Big Papi’s eagerly awaited Mark McGwire tribute act press conference to secondary status in the blogosphere. Or to quote myself, I don’t know what sort of NA program Rangers OF Josh Hamilton’s been in, but I’m signing up. From D Magazine’s Evan Grant :

A remorseful Josh Hamilton on Saturday acknowledged that photos of him partying in Tempe, Ariz., in January were real, that he drank alcohol that night and that the Rangers have been aware of the situation ever since.

œI™m embarrassed about it, personally, for the Rangers, for my wife, my children and my family, Hamilton said at his locker with a handful of his teammates joining the crowd of media that had formed. œIt reinforces one of the things that I can™t have is alcohol. It™s unfortunate that it happened. I was out there getting ready for the season and took my focus off the number one factor in my recovery – my relationship with Christ. I hate that this happened. I am human.

œI wasn™t mentally fit or spiritually fit, he said. œIt just crossed my mind ˜Can I have a drink?™ Obviously, I can™t. One drink leads to two and two drink leads to 10 or 12. When I was in AA, one saying I heard was one drink is too many and 1,000 is never enough. Alcohol just doesn™t mix well with me.

The photos show Hamilton dancing with girls, licking whipped cream off one, and having whipped cream licked off him in another. According to the report on Deadspin, which cited unnamed sources, Hamilton asked where he could also purchase some cocaine. Hamilton said details of the night remain foggy, but wouldn™t be surprised if he asked the question. He is, however, tested three times a week for recreational drugs, including cocaine and has apparently passed every test. Before the January incident, Hamilton had been sober October 2005 after being suspended on multiple occasions by MLB for failed drug tests. Alcohol, however, is not on the list of substances for which Hamilton is tested.

œWhen I drink, it always tends to lean that way, said Hamilton, whose drink of choice in the past was Scotch. œAs far as I know, I don™t believe I [took drugs].

The above incident may or may not provide a valuable extra chapter for the paperback edition of Hamilton’s 2008 tome, ‘Beyond Belief : Finding The Strength To Come Back’. And as many readers of this blog can attest, there’s a world of difference wanting to purchase cocaine and actually doing so. Who are these thought police who wish to legislate the desires of a free-thinking adult like Mr. Hamilton?

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  1. kt says:

    young guy with a ton of money gets wasted and tries to score blow. that’s news?

  2. King Coffey says:

    I think the most disturbing thing about those photos is that he has the word “Hambone” tattooed on him.

  3. GC says:

    “young guy with a ton of money gets wasted and tries to score blow. that’s news?”

    when it’s a young guy who a) nearly lost his baseball career to drugs and b) has since touted his personal relationship with J.C. as big factor in his spiritual/career recovery, yeah, Kevin. I’m afraid it is news.

    I’ve read a Jeff Pearlman entry that lauds Daulerio for handling this in a sneer-free manner, and I’m sure there are those who believe doing otherwise shows a cavalier ‘tude towards addiction. Nobody asked, but for the record, I believe Hamilton deserves considerable patience and understanding from his employer and fans. Thing is, I’d feel the same way if he was hitting .198 or selling popcorn for Tom Hicks. There’s plenty of people in recovery who need a 3rd, 4th or 5th chance. Most ‘em can’t help the Rangers’ playoff chances.

  4. matt hechavarria says:

    I also struggle with addiction and although I’ve been clean for a while now, those that are addicts, unfortunately are one bad decision from throwing our life away and slipping back into the depths of addiction. We don’t stop being addicts…we only accumulate and put more and more days in between when we use and how long we’ve been clean. I’ve followed Mr. Hamiltons story as a baseball fan and recovering addict and I was upset that he slipped or relapsed b/c I need to hear about people who beat this thing, especially with the strength of Jesus Christ. I’m praying for you Mr. Hamilton and evewryone else struggling. I need prayers aswell

  5. Claudia C says:

    Matt H., I just want to say that I understand what you are dealing with as well as Josh Hamilton and although I have lost my belief in God through this, I know that we are all connected as human beings and you will definitely be in my thoughts as I struggle myself. I have hope for Josh Hamilton because he is not making any excuses and although that doesn’t guarantee that you will always stay sober, it is certainly a hopeful first step. Good luck to you.

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