Liddell Levels Babalu

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It took 95 seconds for Chuck Liddell (above, left) to render Renato Sorbal a crumpled mess last night in Vegas, setting up a probable meeting with the Iceman’s longtime nemesis Tito Ortiz.

Gangtas & Hugs’ Mojotek would’ve prefered a little more bang from Sorbal for his $36 bucks.

My buddy, his brother and I had just been talking all night about how everyone plays right into Chuck Liddell™s game plan. He doesn™t go after you, he just waits for you to do something stupid and then he swings to knock you the fuck out. And for a guy that looks like a redneck from the trailer park down the road from me, he does that VERY well.

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  1. Harris Bloom says:

    Actually, Liddell has a much-anticipated meeting with (arguably) the best fighter in the world, PRIDE’s Wanderlei Silva – and it was annonced the day before the PPV that Ortiz’s next fight will be against Ken Shamrock (yes, their third tussle, if one can even call the previous two fights)…so it may be a while before Ortiz/Liddell 2 occurs (but you’re right, it will eventually)

  2. GC says:

    thanks, it hasn’t been the same around here without a little bit of Harris-ment.

    from this morning’s Long Beach Press Telegram :

    Liddell, who improved to 19-3-0 in his career, is not sure who he will be fighting next. It was announced at UFC 61 in July that Liddell would be defending his title against PRIDE’s Wanderlei Silva.

    However, that fight appears to be in jeopardy and Liddell’s next opponent may be long-time rival Tito Ortiz.

    “Fighting motivates me – I love what we do here,” Liddell said in a post-fight interview. “That guy (pointing to Ortiz, who was seated outside the Octagon as a spectator) motivates me. Hopefully, we can talk him into fighting me again.

    “If Tito wants to fight me, I would love the opportunity. I’ll KO him just like I did last time.”

    from sherdog.com :

    A bout with Tito Ortiz (Pictures) looms as Liddell’s next test in the UFC, though July’s announcement of a potential showdown against PRIDE champion Wanderlei Silva (Pictures) trumps any fight the UFC could make on its own right now.

    “Either one is fine with me,” Liddell, now 19-3-0, said of Ortiz and Silva. “I think Wanderlei Silva (Pictures) would be a fun fight for me. One round guys, I’m sorry.”

    the spiel on Ortiz/Shamrock :


  3. As someone who hasn’t paid attention this sport at all, I ask::
    a) Is it a wothwhile investment of my time?
    b) Is it positively on the up-and-up?
    Just curious, ’cause I do enjoy watching people beating the shit out of each other.

  4. GC says:

    a) it’s an acquired taste. At the highest level, there’s an awesome mix of contrasting styles and HC brutality.

    b) As much if not more so than professional boxing.

    but seriously, I’m not gonna tell you there’s never been a worked match. I have no evidence, but I can’t say the fix has never been in with the NBA or NFL, either.

  5. Good to hear, I will definitely check it out. And now the woman who cuts my hair and I will have something to talk about!

  6. Harris Bloom says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome-back – but I really wasn’t trying to harriss ya…just pointing out what I thought was true.

    BTW – I think MMA has had more worked bouts than the NBA or NFL…but fewer than boxing.

  7. GC says:

    “I think MMA has had more worked bouts than the NBA”

    you’re trying to tell us the result of Tree Rollins vs. Danny Ainge wasn’t predetermined?

  8. Joel Hunt says:

    I almost went to this, but since I can hardly deal with the crowds at rock concerts, figured this would be ridiculous.

    Plus the Fixx were playing somewhere else in Vegas for $15.

  9. GC says:

    Fix with one X, very very good. Fixx with two X’s, very very bad.

    Of course, if you go to Vegas next summer, you’ll have a choice of CBGB or Emo’s and the odds of seeing Charlie Harper fronting a makeshift UK Subs lineup are that much higher. Though I’d rather see him in the Octagon versus Tito Ortiz, to tell you the truth.

  10. Talk about service journalism.Not only do I now know that I should be paying attention to UFC, I was also reminded to finally get the backstory of Fuckemos. Warthog 2001UK had such a nice ring to it!

  11. Robert Studdard says:

    Chuck is no doubt the best lighthevy weight fighter in the world..and if anybody doesnt think the same..i might have to drop some elbows on you 4head…

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