Lights Out : Suns Lose Stoudemire For 8 Weeks

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Neither Shaquile O’Neal nor Amare Stoudemire was traded by yesterday’s deadline, but even if Suns ownership hadn’t decided much earlier to ignore offers for the latter, it’s unlikely a transaction would’ve held up.  ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reports Stoudemire underwent surgery to repair a detatched retina after being poked in the eye during his 42 point outburst against the Clippers Wednesday night.

BallInEurope.com quotes a Basketnews item that touts Larry Brown’s candidacy for head coach of the French national team (presumably the men’s squad). I wasn’t aware Brown spoke French, just as I have no idea whether or not Frederic Weis (currently toiling for Spanish side Menorca) would be interested in serving as Larry’s assistant / translator.

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