Loose Lips In The Boneyard : Trunk Junked Over Piazza Critique

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Mets C Mike Piazza might be on the disabled list, but his big mouth is in full working order, much to the dismay of DJ Eddie Trunk, who apparently has lost his XM gig. Billboard Radio Monitor’s Chuck Taylor explains :

Veteran broadcaster Trunk, best-known for his years as a host on WNEW New York when rock still lived there, currently hosts a Friday night hard-rock program on Clear Channel classic rock WAXQ (Q104) New York, and was hired to do a four-hour weekly Saturday night show on XM’s hard rock Boneyard channel.

When baseball Hall of Famer Piazza stopped by the XM studios on June 25 to chat live on-air with Trunk — a longtime friend via their mutual love for rock music — his criticism of the Boneyard’s overall programming and song selection apparently did not sit well with XM higher-ups.

According to a detailed explanation on EddieTrunk.com, Piazza “knows of the open, honest exchange I have with my audience on a regular basis. He was also under the impression thatĀ¦ he could voice his opinion about what he was and was not hearing” on the Boneyard, Trunk writes. “Mike beganĀ¦ saying he wanted a truly kickass rock channel and that’s not what he was getting unless my show was on.”

The next day, Trunk says he received a call from Boneyard programmer Charlie Logan, who was “losing his mind about Mike dissing his channel.”

Trunk says he was suspended, supposedly for one or two weeks, but he has not returned to the XM airwaves since. “I can only assume at this point that I will not be returning,” he writes. “It appears they have closed the door.”

After hearing Ratt on the Boneyard earlier today, I’m inclined to agree with Mike. Interesting to see that Piazza has already been enshrined in Cooperstown, however — surely a first for a player not yet retired?

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  1. jason phillips says:

    mike IS gay

  2. joseph says:

    I have heard from numerous reliable sources that eddie trunk and mike piazza are known for taking trips to thailand to have sex with underage thai boys –some as young as 6-7 years old. i think they are both disgusting.

  3. GC says:

    I think it’s disgusting that Roger Clemens can’t sign his real name when leaving blog comments.

  4. James Blake says:

    @Jason Phillips

    Well that’s just a stroke of good luck for a straight guy like me cause I love me my women but I just can’t stop falling in love with Piazzas’ handsome physique and dreamy eyes…

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