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The New York Times’ Kirk Johnson on “The Choking Game”.

Levi Draher, 16, walked to the front of the Navarro High School gym in early March and picked up the microphone before a hushed audience of fellow teenagers.

œI died and came back, he said.

Levi was found by his mother last Oct. 28, clinically dead, suspended on a rope he had slung across a bunk-bed frame. He had pushed his neck onto the rope, he told the rapt audience, aiming to achieve a surging rush as his brain was starved and then replenished with blood just before the point of unconsciousness.

The rush is the appeal of the choking game ” or space cowboy or cloud nine or any of a dozen other names. In most schools and families it remains a subject of deep shadow and denial, students, parents and health professionals say.

œI did it because it felt good and I didn™t think I™d get caught, said Levi, a slow-talking, sardonic skateboarder and hockey player from San Antonio. œDo I consider myself a miracle? asked Levi, who told the students he had played the game three times before his accident. œYes, I do.

While asphyxiation games have been around for many years, a series of locally publicized deaths around the country over the last few years, coupled with a realization that teenagers are seeing the game on Internet sites like YouTube, and playing it in more threatening variations ” more often, like Levi, alone with a rope ” are sparking a vigorous and open discussion in schools and among parents™ groups, summer camp administrators and doctors.

I’m sure you’re all as shocked and dismayed as I am. They named a high school after Dave Navarro?

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  1. Recently there have been more deaths from the ‘choking game’. I am hoping you will post this additional information for your readers. Thank you for helping to spread awareness on this killer of our children.

    Educational and Informational resources are available online, most of them free of charge.

    D.A.R.E. / Police officer Scott Metheny has developed a power point presentation which is downloadable online at:
    Officer Metheny, along with parent Carol Connelly who’s son Steven Connelly’s died as a result of another high risk, thrill seeking asphyxiation activity have given many school presentations in an effort to bring awareness to society of this deadly, wicked killer.
    Human Relations Media Educational Publishers have also created a cd / video for distribution:
    Product Awards
    CINE Golden Eagle Award
    This program exposes “the choking game”…a shockingly foolish and deadly activity among 9-14 year olds that has resulted in the tragic deaths of children across the country. Through interviews with children who have participated in the “game”, siblings and parents of children who have died, and experts and physicians, young viewers get the straight and alarming facts about just how dangerous this “game” is. One young teen describes his personal experiences with the “game” and how his twin brother Gabriel died from it in an attempt to get high without drugs. Dr. Thomas Andrew, a medical examiner, describes what actually happens to the brain when the blood flow gets cut off causing brain damage and possible death. A parent describes and details the tragic death of her son in an attempt to prevent others from the same fate. Gives young viewers information explaining the difference between healthy and dangerous risk taking.
    Includes Pre- and Post-Tests Running Time: 19 minutes
    Click here for online preview:
    http://www.hrmvideo.com/items.cfm?action=view&item_id=2864&type=&search_ke ywords=
    Since losing my 13 year old son Gabriel to this ‘game’ on May 6, 2005, over 145 others have fallen victim to it. Education, warning and awareness can and has saved lives.
    Ignorance is not bliss,
    Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai’s mom

  2. Rog says:

    The 2004 NY Yankees unavailable for comment.

  3. Amanda says:

    Even more awkward for me because I went to Carmen Electra Junior High.

  4. Loni says:

    Thank you for writing on this foolish “choking game”. Kids don’t think they will die. Neither did my 16 year old son that died from this “game” just over two years ago. I hope you continue to bring awareness to this, to help save other kids’ lives.



  5. WisdomWeasel says:

    I think the example of British Conservative MP Stephen Milligan should be disseminated more widely. Its one thing to peg it like a rock star, quite another to die in the manner of a google-eyed Tory battling with his sexuality.

    And is it really called “Space Cowboy”? Why? Do they dress as Tommy Lee Jones or Clint Eastwood?

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