Moore, Prucha Punish Panthers

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Rangers 4, Panthers 3 (shootout)

Maybe you think hockey stinks. Perhaps you’re of the opinion that the whole guys on skates thing is way too Ice Capades. Or maybe you’ve bought into Larry Brooks’ assertion that the new look, intimidation-free Neutered Hockey League has cut the heart out of the game.

Far be it for me to challenge any of your deeply held beliefs, but I’m gonna have to spell it out for you. Unless and until Nate Robinson becomes Earl Monroe reincarnated, the New York Rangers are the most entertaining big league team in the tri-state area. And yes, I’m including the Carter/Kidd/Jefferson Nets when making that assertion.

Dominic Moore’s tying goal with 3 seconds remaining in regulation tonight helped set the stage for Peter Prucha and Henrik Lundquist’s shootout heroics, the former scoring the only goal of the session, the latter denying all Florida shooters.

The Atlantic Division leading Rangers have now won 2 shootouts in their past 3 games ; the Panthers have lost 6 in a row.

It was a disappointing night for Panthers goalie / former Islanders prospect Roberto Luongo, though his sleeve art for Glenn Branca’s ‘The Ascension’ is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m sure he’ll sleep better tonight now that I’ve said so publicly.

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  1. Harris Bloom says:

    Sorry dude, but the Nets are still the most exciting thing in the area – last night alone, they had three of Sprtscenter’s Top 10 highlights

    Too bad no one watches them (the Nets…not Sportscenter – too many people watch that)

  2. CSTB says:

    saw both games Harris, and as sick as Kidd’s off the backboard feed to Jefferson was, the Rangers/Panthers game was way better. Apples and oranges, perhaps, but the Nets are getting by right now with two bona fide superstars and another one on the way. Jagr aside (and he’s not on the ice nearly as often as Kidd or VC are on the floor), the Rangers are making headway in a manner unseen on Broadway in ages —younger talent and pure guts.

  3. Harris Bloom says:

    Youn talent and pure guts maybe…but your assertion was “who’s more entertaining”

    gimmee the Kidd/Carter/Jeff flash over “pure guts” anyday as far as entertainment value

  4. CSTB says:

    having watched both ‘em simultaneously last night, I think I’m qualified to make the statement. The Nets and their 3/5ths All-Star starting lineup are a lot of fun, granted, But the ’05 Rangers are nothing less than a franchise coming back from the dead. And that’s pretty entertaining.

  5. Harris Bloom says:

    Is your first sentence serious?

    I’m not sure that watching one game, even simultaneously (do you have PIP?), is a statically significant sampling.

    It also seems like your grading the Rangers on a curve.

  6. CSTB says:

    why wouldn’t my first sentence be serious? Yeah, i watched both games simultaneously. Not with PiP, either. I don’t know what kind of laws they have in your neck of the woods, but here in Texas we’re allowed to own more than one TV set, much as we’re allowed to follow more than one sport.

    And what sort of statistic would one cite to illustrate a statement like “the Rangers are the most entertaining big league team in the tri-state area”? I didn’t call them the most efficient, the highest scoring, the lowest paid or even the team with the most Lundquists. I said they were the most entertaining, which is clearly a matter of opinion.

    and maybe I am grading them on a curve, much the way the Nets’ resurrection right after Jason Kidd turned up, was compelling stuff.

    anyhow, I’ve seen far more than one game — I’ve caught most of both teams’ games this season, and if I’m unable to see one live on occasion, Bill Simmons’ close friend TiVo is of no small assistance. And I’ll still stand by my earlier claim. In fact, it isn’t even close.

    There’s no shame in admitting you’re not into hockey.

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