Mr. Mom Shits All Over Gracious Host McClatchy

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After being clobbered by the Dodgers yesterday, Jim Tracy saw his managerial record with the Pirates drop to 1-7. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Chico Harlan was on hand at PNC to capture the party vibe (link taken from Baseball Think Factory).

Four military planes flew over the stadium, actor Michael Keaton tossed the ceremonial first pitch and a former “American Idol” contestant sang the national anthem, but this game, once it began — and quickly unraveled — inspired groans about the same old Bucs.

Despite blue skies and a temperature in the 60s, baseball’s Opening Day in Pittsburgh produced an unsettling sentiment — halfway between “Here we go again” and “Here we go, Steelers.” Mr. Keaton, for one, said he fears his hometown baseball team “will take advantage of the goodwill of the people who continue to show up. For my money, that’s disrespectful.”

“At some point,” Mr. Keaton said before tossing the opening pitch, “you either have to write the check or do something and not assume, well, we’re OK and, ultimately, the franchise is valuable, anyway, like Donald Sterling did with the [National Basketball Association's] Los Angeles Clippers. … I think fans have been gracious. And maybe not vocal enough. Maybe not vociferous enough with their displeasure. That’s my opinion.”

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  1. Tim Ganss says:

    Is your blog just excerpts from articles you’ve read on the sports news of the day? I haven’t read much else in my two months of patronage. Is this it? If so, why the vitriol for Will Leitch at Deadspin? I don’t see the difference. I could really get behind criticism for the overhyped like Leitch, but coming from this corner it rings a tad hollow.

  2. GC says:

    Dear Tim,

    you’ve obviously been reading CSTB very closely for the past two months so far be it for me to take exception to your claims. Yes, CSTB is 100% stories cut and pasted from other news sources with no original point of view whatsoever.

    re : Will Leitch. I’m just mad that he hasn’t added me as his MySpace friend. Other than that, he’s just swell.

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