Mushnick In Recycled Lookalike Joke Shocker

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Phil Mushnick in today’s NY Post :

An NBA playoffs lookalike worth reprising: Steve Nash and actor Jackie Earle Haley, who played Kelly Leak in “The Bad News Bears.”

Hoo ha. Maybe Phil might wanna check out a rarely watched program called “Pardon The Interuption” on the obscure ESPN cable network. If he does so, Mushnick will find no shortage of gags that have been repeated over and over again.

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  1. Michael Corcoran says:

    Actually, PTI is fairly late to the Nash/Leak party. This was at the end of a “Game On” column that ran in Feb. (the 14th or 21st) in the widely read Austin American Statesman:

    Finally, let’s put another urban myth to rest: I looked it up and found that Steve Nash did NOT play Kelly Leak in “The Bad News Bears.”

  2. CSTB says:

    Thank you. Let the record show that Kornheiser/Wilbon _and_ Mr. Mush For Brains have ripped off Michael Corcoran. I look forward to seeing their resignations/apologies first thing Tuesday morning.


  3. thomas deering says:

    Yankee catcher Cervelli and actor Tom Seizmore

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