Mushnick : Using “Bro” Where “Dude” Would Surely Suffice

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From Surfin’ Bird Phil Mushnick in Monday’s New York Post :

CBS’s Brent Jones, who worked Jags-Jets yesterday, is typical of network analysts/gasbags who parachute in to call a Jet or Giant game, then tell people who know better what’s going on.

In the first quarter, Jones (above) declared, “I can’t believe the Jets let Lamont Jordan get away … let him walk, to the Raiders.” What were they to do, bro, pay him huge money to continue as Curtis Martin’s backup ” provided he wanted to continue as a backup?

Throughout the second half, Jones reminded us, often in vague terms, “what I said, last week” about the Jags. But that meant nothing to a New York audience that last week didn’t hear him call the Jags-Colts game.

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  1. Tommy Hoops says:

    I for one am offended by the ‘street talk’ of Phil Mushnick. That sort of ghetto language has no place in sports. Calling people who you’re not related to ‘bro’?! Just shameful.


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