Mutoni’s URL Registration Wasted : Knicks Ready To Trade Renaldo

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Newsday’s Ken Berger reports the Knicks and Nuggets are negotiating a swap of the latter’s Renaldo Balkman for F Bobby Jones and PG Taurean Green. Clearly, the the clock has run out on predictions Balkman would emerge as the next Dennis Rodman — though there’s still plenty of time for him to hang out with Eddie Vedder and Jack Haley if so inclined.

The deal would mark the end of Balkman’s mostly confusing tenure with the Knicks, who selected him with the 20th pick two years ago when Isiah Thomas said Phoenix would’ve swiped him if he hadn’t. That scenario appears even more dubious now that the former coach of the Suns, Mike D’Antoni, is ready to ship Balkman out for little more than roster fodder.

The deal was proposed late last week and is being discussed internally by both clubs, the front-office official familiar with the situation said. If the two-for-one deal goes through, it would leave the Knicks with 17 players under contract, although Green and Jones – who have non-guaranteed contracts – expect to be waived. It would get the Knicks back to the 15-player roster limit and save them Balkman’s $1.32 million against the salary cap.

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  1. deya alverman says:

    Thomas was a disaster manager i mean,
    I’m not Knights fan I love Lakers, but I’m happy that the crowd during late drafts were against Gallinari choice, I’ve seen him for 2 seasons and if NBA consider that guy just a medium player, i think all the people will have a super surprise, specially cause D’Antoni knows him better then ever.
    I have just one question, I’ve found this blog looking for info on NBA, and sounds like a US sports blog. I’ve some US friends but they are musicians and don’t follow sports. so my question is:
    Why US americans call Football a sport in which players use hands and call Soccer the real Football?

    ok i’m european.

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