NASCAR : Not Just For Racists, Rednecks & Shitheads

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It has been suggested by one or two readers over the past week that my repeated slurs directed at NASCAR nation are in fact, clear examples of the sort of bigotry, ignorance and intolerance that is regularly condemned in CSTB.

So with that to consider, I paid rapt attention to this morning’s “SportsCenter” Nextel Cup preview, a fascinating bit of sports journalism that laid waste to all of my preexisting notions of NASCAR, it’s drivers and the rich mosaic they draw from.

Simply put, I’ve been wrong, wrong, wrong. For instance, I learned this morning that many of NASCAR’s fresh-faced new breed of drivers do not listen to country music. Amongst their favorites : Eminem and Kid Rock.

Not since the suburban protagonists of Robert Altman’s “O.C & Stiggs” showed their deep appreciation for King Sunny Ade’, has such a cultural chasm been filled.

Having had some heavy science dropped on my skull, I can only humbly apologize to all devotees of watching cars-go-round-in-a-circle.

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  1. GODwuzaNASCARdrivr says:

    yes, the “cars-go-round-in-a-circle”…much like in football, players run up and down a field, in baseball runners run around in the shape of a diamond, hockey players skate around slapping a puck around w/a stick….when one watches NASCAR, u dont watch it to watch cars go around in a circle, u watch the strategy involved…and there’s so much more….fuckin learn what your talkin about before u make stupid comments

  2. GC says:


    that’s the last time I try to apologize for anything. I ‘fessed up to having horribly misjudged NASCAR and all you can offer is vulgarity.

    I’ve been waiting for someone to properly articulate the somewhat elusive appeal of NASCAR, but you’ve really outdone yourself. Let me get this straight….”the ‘cars-go-round-in-a-circle’”, yet “when one watches NASCAR, u don’t watch it to watch cars go around in a circle, u watch the strategy involved.”

    However, you’re still watching cars going around in a circle.

    But seriously, I’d love to learn more having watched any number of motor sports…and have reached the conclusion that NASCAR is by far the least interesting (and I’m including the John Deere Grand Prix). And what better person to teach the ignorant amongst us than a guy that seems to be posting comments to CSTB via text message?

  3. doubleginntonic says:

    Intense strategy like gas on the right brake on the left.

  4. Repoz says:

    A friend of mine (a heavy crack addy) sez that watching NASCAR is the best “sport” to watch on TV while baggin’…cause he can get up, risk-biz down the block…and come back and not miss a damn thing of the race, because it doesn’t matter.

  5. GC says:

    I’ve heard the exact same thing said of “The Guiding Light”

  6. vockins says:

    Do you judge all sports based on SportsCenter reporting?

  7. CSTB says:

    nope. But I might judge “SportsCenter” based on “SportsCenter” reporting. A piece designed to highlight NASCAR’s cultural diversity that pretty much begins and ends with the younger drivers swearing they couldn’t spell Garth Brooks if you spotted them the “arth” doesn’t quite get the job done. Or to be blunt as fuck about it, if you wanna highlight the fact that your workforce is slightly more cosmopolitan than say, Beavis & Butthead, perhaps they shouldn’t profess their love for Kid Rock.

    And for the record, I don’t think EVERYTHING about NASCAR totally sucks. For instance, Barry Pepper was much better in “3″ than he was in “Knockaround Guys”.

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