Not The Genesis (Believe It Or Not) Of The Chant “Potvin Sucks”

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Yep, that’s the man a generation of Rangers fans loved to hate posing for American Apparel Jockey in a vintage advertisement dug up by Jeff Johnson at Fitted Sweats.

Suggests David Roth, “Steve Carlton looks like an extra in some nonexistent gymnastics scene in ‘Cruising’”.

If nothing else, we’ve learned tonight which CSTB contributor doesn’t own a copy of the director’s cut.

3 Responses to “Not The Genesis (Believe It Or Not) Of The Chant “Potvin Sucks””

  1. David Roth says:

    If anyone’s got to introduce you to homosexual bandana sempahore, it might as well be Powers Boothe. And if you’re implying that there’s a Luzinski-on-Carlton gymnastics scene in the directors cut, I might just reconsider adding Friedkin’s worst to my DVD collection. (No disrespect to C.A.T. Squad, of course)

  2. King Coffey says:

    I like how Cruising captures the reality of the underground gay S&M scene by setting the music to John Hiatt.

  3. GC says:

    still a better movie than “Scent Of A Woman”, though.

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