Nutmeg State To Enforce Anti-Blowout Edict

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(for these leaders of tomorrow, ritual humilation will soon be a pre or post-game activity)

Thankfully for our Connecticut friends, blowjobs are still protected under the law. From the Hartford Courant’s Shawn Courchense.

In what some are referring to as the “Cochran rule,” the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference football committee passed a score management policy to be instituted next season. The rule says if a team wins by 50 or more points, the coach is suspended for the next game.

Although many have accused New London High School football coach Jack Cochran of running up scores, he doesn’t see it that way. And he doesn’t like this rule. On that point, he has company.

“It won’t change anything with how I prepare for a game,” Cochran said. “Where it’s going to run into problems is when you’ve got your second team in or you’ve got your freshmen in; what do you tell them? One coach is saying he’s just going to have his guys take a knee. I would never do that. I would never tell a kid to run out of bounds instead of scoring.

“I will probably have to take a suspension next year. If it comes down to letting a freshman or a [junior varsity] player score at the varsity level or me being suspended, I’m not going to stop that kid from doing that. I cherish the sport too much and believe in it too much to tell some kid he can’t play the game the right way.”

4 Responses to “Nutmeg State To Enforce Anti-Blowout Edict”

  1. Don says:

    thank you for reminding me of that godawful high school look- the football jersey over the blue polo brand oxford cloth shirt.

    almost as distasteful as future-private-college-sweatshirt-over-shirt-and-tie which ruined the spring of my senior year.


  2. David R. says:

    God bless my home state – first in insurance, first in government corruption, last in letting kids have any scintilla of score-padding joy before adulthood kills their spirit.

  3. Joe Girard says:

    I’m a youth coach who’s had the score run up on me, and as painful as it is to be on the receiving end of an ass whupping, this rule is wrong on so many levels.

  4. jaw says:

    I say punish the kids. Suspend any player who scores after their team has reached 50. It would be a good way to teach them that their actions have consequences.

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