NYC Unsafe For Canines

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Big Apple residents should be aware that a costly trip to Korea is hardly necessary if they’re hankering for fried dog. For the 2nd and 3rd times in the past calendar year, some of man’s best friends (and Con Edison’s worst enemies) were zapped while walking city streets yesterday.

Nobody loves the 5 boroughs more than me. OK, that isn’t true. Nobody loves parts of Queens, small portions of Brooklyn and buildings in lower Manhattan that feature doorman security more than me. But no matter how much you (heart) NYC, it’s a disgrace that in ’05 ,a simple stroll with the family pooch might well take Spot’s life.

3 Responses to “NYC Unsafe For Canines”

  1. Dirty Bomber says:

    it might well take Spot’s owner’s life, too.

  2. jamie says:

    i couldn’t let this bit go without commenting, though it has little to do with potential electrocution:

    “‘He’s normally very calm because he’s on Prozac. I knew something was desperately wrong.’”

    something’s wrong all right. your dog is probably suicidal from the ridiculous medication you’re giving him (does Prozac understand the concept of dog years?). if you want a calm dog, train him and exercise him or else get a dog that’s more compatible with a city/apartment lifestyle. sheesh.

  3. CSTB says:

    I dunno, if I was a dog facing likely electrocution each winter, I’d probably want to be heavily medicated.

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