Obama’s Plunging Popularity Explained

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[Sox fan Obama pals around with NL Central terror, the Cards' Albert Pujols “ could there be a more politically poisonous combo of teams?]

I haven’t had much time to cover the Cubs’ .500 first half of late much less the NL Central, but as Keith Olbermann would say, Events Insist. If you’ve read about President Obama’s dwindling popularity, on the verge of passing much needed healthcare reform thru Congress, the explanation is right here:  a very public embrace of St. Louis’ Albert Pujols. If you thought Obama’s knowing Weatherman Underground member Bill Ayers was overblown political season hyperbole, there’s nothing Team Obama can do to deny this picture.

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  1. WTF was with the opening pitch not being shown? Shout to my pal Rodney Anderson who suggested something I was either too dense or too credulous to conclude last night: could Obama have bartered his booth appearance with Jack Buck’s kid and Steve Carlton’s caddy in exchange for a potentially face-saving cutaway in the event he threw badly?

    And if so, who’s got the time to put a LeBron-confiscates-the-getting-dunked-on-video spin on it?

  2. ben schwartz says:

    Apparently Obama pitches as well as he bowls.

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