Oklahomans Deeply Offended By Confusing, Gratuitous Photoshoppery

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Given that #2 Alabama was very likely to have secured a spot in the BCS National Championship, facing #1 LSU in a rematch of their boring as fuck titanic defensive struggle earlier this season, I don’t quite understand why a Crimson Tide fan would go out of her way to antagonize supporters of #3 Oklahoma State. Nor do I understand what the Twin Towers have to do with any of this (Rutgers is safely deposited in the Pinstripe Bowl, right?), and I’m sorry to say the following report from News9.com clarifies absolutely nothing.

An Alabama football fan has created an online stir. Before the BCS bowl games were announced, Lisa Lispino posted what some are calling distasteful pictures online.

One picture is of Oklahoma State’s mascot Pistol Pete in front of the Murrah building. Another shows a smiling Alabama head coach standing near a wind farm and plane wreckage. She also created a picture of the BCS Championship trophy next to the burning World Trade towers. On her web page, Lispino said she is an artist and has a right to create art.

Lispino’s web page and Twitter account have been removed.

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  1. UA Alum says:

    This “Lisa Lispino” is not a UA fan. “Her” work was previously posted before the OU/FSU game with Chief Seminole on his horse standing in front of the Murrah Building. This is just a person that enjoys inciting hate.

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