It’s A Whole New Look For Gawker Media’s Wiki Entry (Brother)

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No positions for Knobbs and Sags? There’s no loyalty left in the business (brother).


Indian Wells CEO To WTA : Get On Your Knees And Thank The Men

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“No, I think the WTA – you know, in my next life when I come back I want to be someone in the WTA, (Laughter because they ride on the coattails of the men. They don’t make any decisions and they are lucky. They are very, very lucky.

“If I was a lady player, I’d go own every night on my knees and thank god that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport. They really have.”

The above quotes come courtesy Indian Wells CEO Raymond Moore who for reasons only known to himself, chose the morning of the BNP Paribas Open final between Serena Williams and Victoria Arazenka to suggest (among other things) that the women’s tour has a number of (physically) “attractive” players. While campaigning for Moore’s resignation, Forbes’ Patrick Rishe asks, “I wonder if any of the young whippersnappers at MIT have come up with a formula to quantify stupidity?”

First of all, for a variety of reasons, women’s tennis is every bit as popular as men’s tennis…and has been for a long time. Has Mr. Moore attended any of the major events in recent years? Or how about the last two decades?

Second, how out-of-touch (or at least temporarily careless) can a guy be when he makes gender sensitive comments as the leader of any organization…let alone the leader of a tennis event.

Third, let’s talk about the timing of these comments. To make these comments on the morning of the women’s finals is insensitive enough. But to make matters worse, you say it when Serena Williams – who had not participated at this particular venue for several years and surely helped sell tickets to this year’s event – is one of the contestants in the finals.


Slaten On Dino Costa : I’m Forced To Work Alongside A Psychopath

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Dino Costa’s first week on the air at St. Louis’ KFNS was marked to some degree by the growing feud between himself and the station’s incumbent afternoon host, Kevin Slaten. After a testy exhange between the pair on March 11, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dan Casesar reports both broadcasters have been ordered by station owner Randy “Money” Markel to cease the bickering, but not before Costa, as unimaginative a misogynist as you’ll find, wondered, “since when has this alleged king turned into the queen of St. Louis radio?…if he left our station tomorrow, there’s not a station in this market that would pay him to be on their airwaves.” That’s a funny position to take given there’s zero evidence Costa has generated ratings anywhere or that any of his whistle stops across the radio landscape have suffered even the slightest dip in advertising revenue after his termination. Or as Slaten puts it, “I’ll put my W-2s up against his any time of the day…unlike Donald Trump, I’ll show mine.”

“If I couldn’t get hired in this town, how come I’ve been hired everywhere I’ve wanted to be hired?”, Slaten said. “I don’t come into a strange town and attack teammates. He does. I don’t come into a town trying to destroy what people have built up. He does. I don’t get into his sandbox and play juvenile games. He does. Anytime he wants to take me on, try it again. I guess if you didn’t learn your lesson the first time, there’s always a second time.”

“He somehow thinks it’s good radio if he attacks me. It’s not good radio, it never has been to attack people you work with. It’s juvenile radio, and that’s the tactic people use who have no talent. … He’s a psycho.”


Michael Sheppard, RIP

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Been thinking today about the passing of Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God / Transparency / Iridescence Records‘ Michael Sheppard and how his fantastic musical taste would’ve been thoroughly out of step with any incarnation of SXSW (and his somewhat loose grasp of commercial realties a incredible low-tech precursor to the contemporary scam action being unveiled all over Austin at this very moment). Many who did business with Michael were mega-exasperated more than once, but credit where du(d)e : he was running into credit rating hell slapping out records by Half Japanese, Sonic Youth, Christmas, Savage Republic, Keith Levene and Phil Milstein back when today’s reigning A&R bozos were trying to pass off shit like Broken Homes as “alternative” music.

I don’t know if it’s true that he really tried to bootleg the Kathy McGinty CD, but that only adds to the legend. I don’t believe in an afterlife but if I did, I’d reckon there’d be a place somewhere where other residents of the-great-beyond were getting their ears talked off about some of history’s greatest recorded arts.


Villager To Town Council : Please Erect An Ugly Statue Hornoring Portsmouth, NH’s Second Most Important Musical Exponent…

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…the Bruisers, of course, being the first. Via Change.org, Brian Kelly takes issue with the fact, “there is currently no statue of Portsmouth native Ronnie James Dio, paragon of Rock and Roll, anywhere in Portsmouth.”

Ronnie James Dio is a hero and a champion of art and deserves to be memorialized forever on his native soil. This petition is to help bring a statue, bust or memorial of Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona; July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) to an agreed upon location in Prescott Park the South End of Portsmouth, NH

Dio was a musician that had, and still has, a great influence on many in the music industry. There are currently other towns and cities with Dio’s likeness, but at this time, his birthplace has nothing. Mr. Dio sold over 47 million albums in his life and is still selling today. He was a heavy hitter in bands like Elf, Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath and more. His contributions are undeniable. We have to do something.

This petition will help gauge and demonstrate interest in a tribute we can all agree upon. The tribute itself will be crowd or city funded (through provisions set aside in Portsmouth to pay for artistic installations) and multiple designs will be presented before asking for approval. We truly hope the city of Portsmouth will help us find the right tribute to one of the most influential musicians of our time.

We would love to see him him to be depicted as he was in the video for “Holy Diver}, sword in hand, ready to fight for the Arts and what is right. We understand this might not coincide with the wishes of all, so we will of course work with the estate of Mr. Dio to determine how they would like him depicted.


@torontohooligan : I’m No Violent Kook (But Pay Jose Anyway)

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So it seems Dino Costa is far from alone when it comes to using social media to issue wild threats ; the CBC reports Jays fan Nicholas Kharshoum, 24, of Kitchener, Ontario, received a home visit from the local mounties after threatening to throw a a statue of Ted Rogers into Lake Ontario if Toronto fails to extend Jose Bautista’s contract.

Kharshoum, who was dressed in sweatpants and watching an English soccer match in the basement, said he was surprised to see police officers at his door. When they told him they were there because of his tweet threatening the Rogers Centre statue, Kharshoum said he immediately rolled his eyes.

On Feb. 22, Karshoum, who goes by @Torontohooligan on Twitter, posted: “F**king pay the man or I’m throwing the Ted Rogers statue in the harbour you pieces of s**t.”

The tweet linked to a video of Bautista — who is seeking a new multi-million dollar deal before his contract with the Rogers-owned Blue Jays ends at the end of this season — saying he felt he’d given the Blue Jays a “hometown discount” already.

“I know that I said something dumb, and it is not the only dumb thing I’ve said on the internet,” he admits, bringing up another recent post where he suggested a soccer analyst should jump in front of a train — an exaggeration he doesn’t really believe in.


Couch Slouch On CBS’ Selection Sunday : I’d Sooner Watch Soccer

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OK, that’s not exactly what syndicated scribe Norman Chad had to say about yesterday’s horror show on CBS, but y’know, close enough. Of college hoops in general, Chad declares, “they just round up the usual suspects every year…the game is rotten at its core; it’s only cheating if you get caught, and if you get caught, you’re only liable if you’re losing.”

I wouldn’t watch it even if Chris Rock were hosting; besides, it’s about as rigged as the Oscars. What, I need to room with Jay Bilas to know that Kansas and North Carolina are going to be No. 1 seeds?

Plus, back in the day, we’d get the entire bracket in 30 minutes on CBS – it was the most efficient half-hour on television. Now, the whole shebang has bloated to 120 minutes. Hey, I’m not sitting there for two hours to see what the 8-9 matchup in the Southeast Regional is unless they throw in a good cassoulet recipe and El Chapo makes a surprise appearance on set.

(Column Intermission: We now present our annual literary excerpt from serial author John Feinstein, who has cleared more forests with more bad prose than any scribe in America. In his latest college basketball tome, “The Legends Club,” he writes, “Elephants – and coaches – never forget.” Here it is again in case you missed it the first time: “Elephants – and coaches – never forget.” Available in bookstores everywhere!)

Dino Costa Castigator : Bonkers Radio Host Threatened My Life

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Former Sirius/XM host Dino Costa has been a frequent subject of criticism in this space, and given his myriad transgressions over the years, it will surprise few to learn that he once again, finds himself struggling with scrutiny. Costa, whose career highlights have included calling the transgendered “it” (just this past month, he referred to Caitlyn Jenner as “a man who likes to dress as a woman”), questioning Barack Obama’s nationality, sounding a Truther alarm about the Boston Marathon bombings within hours of the event, a fake Twitter follower scandal that was roundly mocked by listeners and Sirius colleagues alike, a plagiarism scandal that was mocked by everyone else, losing his online venture’s sole advertiser within a day of inception, a workplace sexual harassment claim and calling former employer Chris Russo a fag, was recently hired as the new program director and 6-10am host for St. Louis’ KFNS (aka 590 The Fan). The station’s owner, Randy Markel, is the proprietor of cowboy-fetish supplier Chuck’s Boots, an admitted radio industry neophyte who quite possibly hasn’t fully vetted Costa or sought a reference from the last sucker to fully invest in Dino’s brand of hate-fuckery. And with that in mind, neither Markel or Costa’s new pal at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch might be aware that this past Friday night, Dino was accused by one listener of making personal threats.

Those familiar with the tweets of Harold Levenson, aka @cluckman25, know he’s relentless in badgering Costa. Whether that makes him more or less credible, is of course, up to you. The following is an email Q&A conducted over the weekend.

Q: How long have you listening to and/or following Dino Costa?
A : I came across him when he was on SXM, probably the second year he was there.

Q : It’s fair to say that you’ve been a frequent, some might say obsessive baiter of Costa on Twitter. Short of replying and/or blocking you, has Dino have sought you out via email or telephone? Has he ever tried to contact an employer or family member?

A: When Dino was at SXM I started a banter with him on twitter. He ended up blocking me. Several months after he was fired from SXM I got a VM from my friend of 20+ years, Anthony Menicola, who became Dino’s first investor in his online platform. I called them back and had a conversation with Dino. Even though I strongly disagree with Dino on just about anything he says I backed up this project for my friend. Dino unblocked me from twitter. It was during this time that Dino went on one of this twitter rampages against Chris Russo.

I suggested to Anthony that Dino stop trolling Russo as he looked like an amateur. A few hours later on got a DM from Dino stating “GET YOUR DICK OUT OF RUSSO’S MOUTH, GET ON BOARD THIS TRAIN OR GET THE FUCK OFF”.

That was it for me. I am not the type of person who is going to support someone like this even for a good friend. So I started getting on him on twitter.

After his online venture failed he started attacking me. Calling me a raging homosexual (I am straight, not that being gay is a bad thing). He stole Facebook photos of my family and myself and started posting them on Twitter with homophobic insults that are too gross to print. In January 2015 he called my employer to say I was harassing him, which I find ironic since he is such an avid 1st Amendment supporter. My boss laughed at him. He also threatened to call the police. Below is e-mail from Dino from January of this year :

Legal team is next as I explained to your human resources director…my call was one of courtesy as I was doing you a favor. I was instructed by our ownership group to make the initial phone call before determining if legal counsel was needed.

Nobody ‘stole’ pictures, and if they did, we have a pretty stronger case than we ever imagined.

I will be phoning Christine one more time this coming Monday for one other crucial piece of news she needs to be made aware of.

All of your tweets over 9 months, emails, IP address info showing a diabolical obsessiveness, your stalking of me, other fans of my show, their own testimony, all of this is ready for lift off the second you act again.

Your use of your company computer with recorded IP address and the pretty incredible amount of recorded time you have used to be on our website is almost stunning to consider and paints a picture of a pretty maniacal and single minded person.

Your phone call to the Florida radio station, again, recorded, documented paperwork obtained by our legal counsel.

You have harassed and stalked with a criminal intent, if this was on the street you’d be prosecuted, and I would not rule that out at this juncture either.

I’m actually begging you to continue your juvenile conduct.

We indicated we answered you with pictures and comments and dropped to your levels momentarily.

The next move is yours – then our legal counsel will take over.

I’d suggest you continue to send me messages of all kinds like the one you did to get this response. You have been on record for 9 straight months..that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Your most recent email will be sent to your company…there are now total of 12 other individuals waiting to contact your employer with similar if not exact stories.

Merry Christmas.


Q : Please explain the approximate time and nature of Dino’s comments directed at you on Periscope Friday night.

A: The Periscope transmission was on around 8pm West Coast time so 10pm STL time. Dino was coming back from the Blues game and was Periscoping during his ride back. I was on egging him on a bit, he started going off. For about 10 minutes he was lacing into me calling me a cocksucker. Then went on to say my father was a degenerate pig who did a broke cab driver. Saying my mother was a whore who constantly got fucked at my father’s club (side note : my father owned Plato’s Retreat in the 70’s).

Q : Had you send anything to Dino recently that would’ve provoked a direct threat of violence?

A: After Dino ranted on about my father and mother for 15 minutes on Periscope I said something about his family. He then looked into the phone and said “If I ever meet you I will kill you, and it will be very slow. Blood is my game, I love blood.”

Q : Have you considered contacting law enforcement?

A: I did consider it.

Q : Do you think there’s ever a point where calling out a public figure crosses a line? You’ve certainly done your best to get under Dino’s skin ; most halfway mature/intelligent persons would simply ignore the abuse, but you know he’s got a short temper. Do you take any satisfaction in goading him into what some might consider criminal activity?

There are plenty of instances I believe a person crosses the line. But Dino crosses it every day, he trolls people on Twitter like Peter King, Chris Russo etc. But if someone disagrees with him, he attacks and when he feels attacked, he threatens lawsuits. Its a one way street with Dino. Of course there is satisfaction getting under his skin since it shows how thin skinned he is for an industry that he believes he is the king of

Q :Ideally, what would you like to see happen to Costa?

A: I would like Dino to get professional help.


CSTBracket 2016 – Let’s Put The “X” In Hex Enduction Hour

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(apologies to both Paul Stanley and Mark E. Smith for the above headline)

Though it trails on the priority list compared to tracking the development of Matt Harvey’s shaving habits and surveying the nation’s litany of angry dudes yelling into microphones, college basketball remains somewhere in the Top 2 of CSTB’s Favorite Exploitative “Amateur” Sporting Endeavors. For the past decade, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has provided you, the loyal reader, with an opportunity test your college hoops savvy against myself (ahem) and a veritable all-cast of fantasy sports degenerates, and this year’s competition is no exception.

Though former CSTB contributor David Roth has profited wildly from the demolition of Death By Audio moved upward and onward, I cannot allow this annual tradition to go by the wayside (though it is pretty tempting — I sure as fuck have better things to do, even if most of you don’t). For those bemoaning the crushing loss of daily fantasy games that ran the commercial with the dude in the Patriots throwback rubbing his dopey face like he’s trying to pull the skin away from his useless head, REJOICE, because for the next 3 weeks you again have something to live for. Sure, the stakes aren’t nearly as that Draft Kings garbage, but I can offer the winner a box of 12XU swag and an autographed photo of #4 overall pick in the 2000 draft, Marcus Fizer.* So let the best person of any or all genders be the victor.

(* – still haven’t determined who is autographing the photo, I’ll get back to you about this).

But Really, Where ARE The Girls At Catholic Memorial?

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Though apologies have already been offered, there’s still considerable ill-will stemming from a Friday night clash between the basketball squads from Newton North (MA) and Catholic Memorial. The latter is an all-boys institution, which provoked a chant of “where are your girls?” from the host fans. Sadly, visiting supporters responded with their own chant of, “you killed Jesus”. From the Boston Globe’s Evan Allen :

“I found it chilling,” said Newton Superintendent David Fleishman, who arrived at the game, which was held at Newton South High School, about 20 minutes later. Fleishman said he was immediately approached by a visibly upset parent who told him she was shaken. “In my mind, this is incredibly upsetting and troubling, and they have a lot of work to do at Catholic Memorial,” Fleishman said.

Fleishman contacted the Anti-Defamation League about the incident, and said Newton students would discuss it at school on Monday. Newton officials will also discuss the Newton fans’ use of a joking reference to male anatomy, which Fleishman acknowledged could also be offensive.

The president of Catholic Memorial issued a statement Saturday condemning the “abhorrent behavior” of the students and promising to work to end it.


Yet Another Important Message From The Entertainment Arm Of Cumbucket Media : Empty Markets’ “Stainless Steel” Video

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Last month, the debut album by Austin’s Empty Markets, ‘Stainless Steel’ (12XU 086-1) was previewed in this space. Led by former Cruddy vocalist/guitarist Drew Schmitz, Empty Markets are unique in that they’re one of the only bands in town who aren’t playing a half dozen times or more during SXSW week ; their only appearance will be this coming Tuesday, March 15 at Hotel Vegas (8:30pm).

The above clip, directed by Schmitz, debuted earlier this week via Noisey. ‘Stainless Steel’ can be preordered here.

How Dare The Chicago P.D. Rough Up Anti-Trump Protesters…

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…that’s the job of Donald Trump supporters!


Furillo : Cousins’ Welcome Is Long Past Worn Out

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Following an unseemly public meltdown Wednesday night, Sacramento hit chronic malcontent DeMarcus Cousins with a one-game suspension Friday, but in the view of the Bee’s Andy Furillo, that’s not nearly punitive enough. “Trade him, cut him, whatever. It would be a steal if the Kings could get 50 cents on the dollar, a bargain at 35 cents and a good deal at a quarter. Maybe even a nickel,” surmises Furillo, adding, “they have never won with him, and there is no reason to believe they ever will.”

His recent suspension, like his others, resulted from his disrespect for the game and many of the people who play, coach, officiate and work around it. This time, he ripped on Kings coach George Karl for not protecting him from the refs. Please. What Cousins wanted his coach to do was support his bad behavior. But what Cousins needs to do is change that bad behavior. The Kings’ new upper-level managers have enabled it for three years. Now they’re going to be stuck with his bad vibe when they move into their new arena in October unless they wise up and cut him loose.

After he was suspended, Cousins put a cartoon on Instagram that depicted two men sitting at separate tables underneath banners reading “comfortable lies” and “unpleasant truths.” The line for the lie stretched out of the frame. Nobody wanted to hear the truth.

This might come as an unpleasant truth to Cousins, but the No. 1 person in this world who can protect him from his own behavior is himself. Most people begin to learn this about the seventh grade. Cousins, however, prefers to blame others while he spins out of control. It is part of the comfortable lie he’s been telling himself for six years.

The Goose Gossage Goodwill Tour Of Spring Training Is Not Quite Over

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A day removed from calling Jays’ bat-flipper Jose Bautista, “a fuckin’ disgrace” and bemoaning the preponderance of sissies “nerds” in MLB front offices, Hall Of Famer Rich “Goose” Gossage took exception Friday to Bryce Harper’s recent comments about, well, old motherfuckers like Gossage. From the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg via ESPN 1000 Chicago :

“What does this kid know? This kid doesn’t know squat about the game, and [has] no respect for it,” Gossage said with audible disgust. “Here he is making millions of frickin’ dollars; that’s great. I’m happy for all the players and all the money that they’re making, because it’s hard-earned by all the players that came before these guys. Ninety percent of these guys never went through a strike, a work stoppage. They don’t know the blood sweat and tears that has been spent on what these guys are making. All we wanted was a piece of the pie. Marvin Miller did that, Curt Flood, from on up. My career started out on the first strike in 1972, and it ended in the last one in 1994, when we lost a World Series, which should have never happened, but it did. … We fought for everything these players are getting. So let me tell Bryce Harper something: go look at the history, figure it out and quit acting like a fool.”

So let it be noted, every time a bat is flipped, a pie is tossed, contemporary players are disrespecting the memory of Marvin Miller.


Non-Metallic K.O. : As Super’s Go, Trump’s No Dwayne Schneider

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That former MSNBC “Countdown” host and multi-time ESPN mouthpiece Keith Olbermann has little patience for Donald Trump will come as no surprise to persons familiar with the former, but on Wednesday, Olbermann lent a person touch to a rather scathing anti-endorsement of the presidential hopeful. “Take away the unmappable comb-over and the unstoppable mouth and the Freudian-rich debates about genitalia, and there is no Trump campaign,” wrote Olbermann in an Washington Post op/ed, while admitting that as a Trump condo owner, “I was stupid enough to move into one of his buildings.”

One day Trump appeared in person and, with what I only later realized was the same kind of sincere concern and respect that Eddie Haskell used to pay “Beaver” Cleaver’s mother, asked me how I liked the place and to let him know personally if anything ever went wrong. About 15 months ago, when the elevators failed and many of the heating-unit motors died and the water shut off, I wrote him. He sent an adjutant over to bluster mightily about the urgency of improvements and who was to blame for the elevators and how there would be consequences, and within weeks Trump’s minions were obediently and diligently installing — a new revolving door at the back of the lobby.

That three-week project stretched past three months, smothered the lobby in stench and grime, required the repeated removal and reinstallation of a couple of railings, and for a time created a window frosting problem even when it wasn’t cold out.

So at least there’s this comfort. If there is a President Trump and he decides to build this ludicrous wall to prevent the immigration from Mexico that isn’t happening, and he uses that same contractor, it’ll take them about a thousand years to finish it.


Because Every Day Is International Bro Blogger Day

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Nice takedown by Chris Mottram of a company that might as well rename themselves Stool Sample Sports for all the wit and insight they bring to the world.


Zirin : Trump’s Sports Cronies Have Much To Answer For

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(on the left – not Bill Belichick)

Though Dave Zirin’s latest contribtion to The Nation, “‘Trump’ Has Become a Racial Taunt at High School Sporting Events” was published before other outlets reported that the Hooded Casanova had broken bread with the GOP front-runner, Zirin argues the likes of Tom Brady, Mike Ditka and Colin Cowherd have lent legitimacy to the candidate, while warning, “a Trump-inspired act of violence..seems like merely a matter of time.” Though you could argue we’ve already seen a few.

In the Midwest, in two instances that we know about, high school basketball teams with Latino players have been denigrated by white fans and students from opposing teams with the chant “Trump.” Perry, Iowa, is a town of just 8,000 people. Built around a Tyson Foods plant, it has a population that is 35 percent Latino. Forty-eight percent of the students at the local high school, according to principal Dan Marburger, are people of color. “We are really more of an urban school in a rural setting,” is how Marburger put it. He said it with pride, because the school has been able to make an integrated setting work in a very monochromatic part of the country. The Perry basketball team has Latino, white, black, and Native American players and stands as a proud symbol of how they are able to function as a community.

At a recent game between Perry and a rival team from Dallas Center-Grimes high school, opposing fans chanted “Trump” and racial slurs, and threatened to build a wall and kick the Perry players out of the country. After the incident, Perry student Kevin Lopez told reporters, “We are all aware of racism; it’s alive and well in small portions, but it’s alive and well, and it’s just hurtful to see that’s what they resort to.”

That was a public school matchup. In Merrillville, Indiana, two Catholic schools—both part of the Gary, Indiana, Diocese—Bishop Noll and Andrean, faced off. The Bishop Noll team is majority Latino and had to face a large Donald Trump head being held up in the Andrean student section. Andrean students, according to numerous reports, also chanted “Build a wall!” and “Speak English!”


Raissman : Blame The (Knicks) Fans

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Surveying the recent hysteria at MSG, New York Daily News media critic Bob Raissman thinks he’s identified the persons most responsible for the Knicks’ seemingly endless futility. Phil Jackson? Kurt Rambis? Carmelo Anthony? Steve Mills? Nope X 4 — instead, Raissman points a finger at those who’d enable James Dolan (above); ie. the paying customers ; “despite the myth, Knicks fans are far from being the most sophisticated in the league. They, along with a mostly passive, gullible media (populated by many fan boys who root for the team they allegedly cover) have routinely bought into the next quick fix or the notion top free agents actually want to play in ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ — another myth.”

Losing season after losing season, they gladly continue supporting Dolan’s inferior product by purchasing high-priced tickets and watching his MSG Network. For Dolan, this has been a banner year for selling “drama.”

Man, things were cooking. It started early when Derek Fisher bolted training camp, flew across country, became an essential cog in a love triangle, and got into a physical altercation with Matt Barnes.Ka-ching!

And it continues all the way into March, with the Knicks’ thoughts already turning to the beach, Dolan, treating a grown man like a child, authors a needless apology for Anthony, while a delusional media, especially inside the Valley of the Stupid, continues selling the notion Tom Thibodeau would actually insert himself in this mess.

Yet no matter what happens, Dolan will dust off the same old script next season, selling hope, drama, and dysfunction. The same suckers will once again buy in.


Not Exactly The Way Anyone Saw Gore Returning To Politics

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Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that Terrance Gerin aka longtime ECW fixture Rhyno, has announced his intention to run for State Representative in Dearborn, MI. Gerin, seen most recently starring for WWE’s NXT development arm, tells Marvez, “I think candidates that run against me will try to make fun of (wrestling) to discredit me, which is understandable. But I want to go out and discuss how we can make this state better, how we can make people’s lives easier and educate the kids.”

“The cool thing about what wrestling has done for me is opening a lot of doors,” Gerin told FOXSports.com during a Friday phone interview. “It’s given me a loud voice. That’s very important when you represent people and want to try to get stuff done. You want someone representing you who knows how hard it is to get doors open.”

Gerin said he let WWE owner Vince McMahon know backstage about his plans to run for office.

“I told Vince, ‘I hope I make you proud,’ ” Gerin recalled. “He said, ‘You already have.’ He then followed up by saying if there was anything (WWE) can do to help to let them know.

“He didn’t ask what party I was running for or this and that. The McMahons’ love for their country is just contagious.”

Contagious is certainly one word for it.

Trump Chanters 86′d From Celtics/Knicks Tilt

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Not to nitpick regarding a rather ugly sentiment, but surely the knuckleheads in question have some understanding that Spanish-born Caulderon arrived in the United States via airplane.


That Newcastle Press Conference No One Had The Presence Of Mind To Videotape

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Friday’s Daily Mail included an item from Craig Hope (above) claiming that embattled Newcastle United manager Steve McClaren would be terminated if his squad comes up short tomorrow against AFC Bournemouth. Following a post-training session press conference Friday, McClaren tore into Hope, as The Mirror’s Simon Bird details :

The United boss was pursued out of his press conference by an angry reporter who shouted at the former Boro and England chief: “He’s been out of his depth since the minute he walked in.”

McClaren said: “It’s done by a journalist who for the last 18 months has written nothing but negative things about Newcastle, a journalist who used to work at this club and who four or five years ago was released from this club.”

After McClaren concluded the press conference he was told by the reporter: “Don’t you dare accuse me of having an agenda.”

“You are second bottom of the league. Is this your latest excuse? You’re the problem not me.

“Walk away Steve, smile, grin.”

Mejia : I Was Framed

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If you’re amongst those who wondered how former Mets closer Jenrry Mejia could manage to flunk a doping test 3 times, especially knowing the 3rd violation meant a lifetime ban, he’s got a fascinating answer, as collected by the New York Times’ Ben Berkon.

Mejia said that baseball officials told him that if he appealed the punishment for the second doping offense, “they will find a way to find a third positive,” Mejia said through an interpreter. “I felt there was a conspiracy against me. I feel that they were trying to find something to bring me down in my career.”

Baseball officials denied making any such threats. “No one at M.L.B. or representing M.L.B. has met with Mejia regarding any of these drug violations,” Pat Courtney, a league spokesman, said.

“The (Player’s) association should have done more,” Mejia said, adding that he thought the union “should have been there to defend me — because that’s what they’re there for. They should have found something to appeal for.”

Mejia said he had no regrets. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said. “If the situation was meant to happen, then it was meant to happen. If God wanted it that way, it’s going to happen.”

Like most persons residing on Planet Not Out To Lunch, Metsradamus isn’t having it (“if MLB had the power to conduct witch hunts, why would they do that with Mejia?”) :

I mean, he thinks that they are using him and sacrificing his career to get to a steroid kingpin in the Dominican Republic. Yeah, the same people who take two weeks to come up with a ruling on draft pick compensation. Those are the guys you think are pulling off real life Law And Order? Those guys?


Granny Flyer Fan Interview Takes A Turn For The Masturbatory

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Clip via Crossing Broad. By the time this segment is over, I’m sure you’ll be asking the same question as me ; “how directly is this woman related to Roy Ziegler?“.

Presenting Yoenis Cespedes, The Only Carnivore In Professional Sports

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Well, yeah, Mets OF Yoenis Cespedes can’t possibly be the only major sportsman who enjoys dining on dead animal flesh. But that’s the only conclusion I can come to after learning The Big Lead sought out a PETA spokesperson for comment following news Cespedes had purchased a prize-winning, $7,000.00 pig and sent his new acquisition to a butcher.

“It’s a shame that Cespedes dropped the ball here and missed the opportunity to send this pig to a sanctuary where he could have lived out his days in peace,” said PETA’s Lisa Lange to The Big Lead’s Kyle Koster, to which I can only wonder, how many of the other sportsmen and women routinely featured by TBL are vegetarians or have done much of anything to ensure livestock are raised with care?

Apparently, the price Cespedes pays for flamboyance (sorry we can’t all be as deadly dull as David Wright) is a hysterical degree of scrutiny. But consider the irony of this 30 year old being taken to task for the murder of one pig, while Fred & Jeff Wilpon have overseen (and wildly profited from) the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of pigs, cows, and possibly horses as well. And that’s to say nothing of the Mets’ long-standing association with the North Shore Animal League. Let he or she who has never devoured a Shake Shack burger (or helped prop up a glorified puppy mill) lecture Yoenis Cespedes about the ethical treatment of animals.


Anthony To Paying Customer : Do I Look Like The Complaint Department?

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Here's a look at Carmelo Anthony discussing how he told a heckling fan to ask James Dolan for his money back: pic.twitter.com/bAqkpUfG0W

— Ian Begley (@IanBegley) March 2, 2016

Carmelo Anthony released a statement Wednesday, saying he let his frustrations get the better of him during Tuesday night’s loss to the Trail Blazers.

“We are all frustrated by the team’s recent results — everyone, including me, my teammates, coaches and the fans,” he said in a statement released by the team. “Last night, a fan and I let those frustrations get the best of us. I should not have responded the way I did.”Al Iannazzone, Newsday, March 2, 2016

Give Anthony some (scant) credit — he handled this unfortunate exchange with far greater composure than his employer would’ve.