Paul George’s Injury Is A Serious Blow

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…to Bob Kravitz’ patriotism.  A day after Pacers F George fractured the tibia-fibula in his right leg during a USA Basketball scrimmage at Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center, the Indy Star’s Kravitz was quick to suggest maybe, y’know, this Dream Team shit isn’t such a great deal for NBA franchises.

There’s been momentum for some time to do away with NBA players performing on national teams. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been very outspoken in the past in expressing his disdain for Dirk Nowitzki playing for the German national team. Larry Bird, himself an original Dream Teamer, noted in his statement that he supported the concept, but if I’m an owner or a GM now, and I’m paying my star player $15 million and more to perform in the NBA, I’m not sure I’m bullish on this idea anymore.

Now, the stanchion on the basketball court. It’s 2.2 feet closer to the baseline than it is on a regulation NBA court. Watching video of the injury — and it’s not for the queasy or the faint of heart — it’s safe to say this never would have happened on a regulation NBA court. George’s leg got caught up against and underneath the stanchion.

“I know there’s a big national debate about that now,” was as far as (Pacers GM) Kevin Pritchard would go.

If I’m USA Basketball, I’m done with the Thomas & Mack Center or any place that isn’t configured like a proper NBA court.

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  1. Sharif Demonte says:

    I agree! Prospective team USA players should be required to play in fenced-off courts, and spectators should be allowed (and encouraged!) to hurl nails and heated coins at them. If America’s 2016 cagers can’t respect the history of the game, who are we as consumers to respect their willingness to play by the sports’ and societies’, social mores as invented by Dr. Naismith? I eagerly await legislation from Senator Cruz mandating the 1891 rules as a requirement to relocate the TWolves to a larger market, and the followup column by Peggy Noonan inferring Allen Iverson’s “Jewelz” as a symptom of Mr. George’s injury.

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