Peter Griffin, Meet Will Leitch

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As for œFamily Guy, on the whole, we™re torn. It seems like the television show equivalent of a bad blog to us; just a bunch of cultural references without much heart.

Withering criticism, to be sure. If this cartoon thing doesn’t work out for Seth McFarlane, presumably he has a job waiting for him at Gawker Media.

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  1. James says:

    Thank you for your consistent info on Mr. Leitch. At first(having never heard of him), I didn’t quite grasp the purpose of it all. However, a simple perusal of my internet contraption has provided me with information(not to mention absolute confusion and nausea) that more than backs up your comments/claims. Thank you. Have you ever met him face to face?
    I enjoy your blog thoroughly.
    That is all(the below link is a combination of several things that could be classified as Leitch-ian/esque/what have you).



  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, or he could just C&P 90% of news stories, add 1-2 sentences of opinion and call it a blog.

  3. CSTB says:


    Though I’ve yet to meet Mr. Leitch face-to-face, I’m assured by people who are hesistant to sign their full names that he is a really nice guy.


    I resent the implication. I RARELY add 1-2 sentences of opinion. And yet, you grace CSTB with your presence just the same. And for that, I’m ever so thankful.

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