Phil Mushnick Vs. Elaine Benes’ Vagina

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Bad enough that the Mushnick family must navigate the sewer of filth that is sports TV and talk radio, but now the New York Post’s version of Mary Whitehouse with a beard has taken issue with the small screen’s prime time offerings as well.

TV’s crotch-aholism is epidemic. A CBS promo for the new Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom – an ambush repeatedly plugged into the first four days and nights of NCAA coverage – found Louis-Dreyfus discussing how she grooms her crotch, and then looking between her legs to discover that she’s not wearing underwear.

Clearly, the CBS exec responsible for selecting and/or approving this promo is a very bold, cutting edge person – so bold that he or she will identify himself/herself so we can credit him/her by name and title.

7 Responses to “Phil Mushnick Vs. Elaine Benes’ Vagina”

  1. beedlebaum says:

    Hopefully, when people Google “Julia Louis-Dreyfus Crotch Grooming” Mushnick will be the first response.

  2. mattbot says:

    Better crotch-aholism than shrimp sensationalism, I say.

  3. Repoz says:

    Watching 45-year old Julia Louis-Dreyfus yakking up her crusted snack bar reminds me of the time my old Aunt Dirtie scolded me for looking at her spread beagle at the beach, by saying…”Don’t look if you can’t cook.”

    I ran home and went back to staring at the “Mom’s Apple Pie” cover.

  4. kt says:

    wow, something turned my stomach on each line of the above post.


  5. Seitz says:

    Finally a Repoz post I can understand.

  6. Repoz says:

    “Finally a Repoz post I can understand.”

    Shred, I thought that was you lurking under the boardwalk…

  7. John Wimmer says:

    Fuzzy Oyster–Bearded Clam–Mustache Cup–Pink Pizza–Money Shot…Etc.
    Am I leaving any out ?

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