Playboy Buddy Rose, RIP

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Paul Perschman aka “Playboy” Buddy Rose, was found dead at his home in Vancouver, WA Tuesday. A longtime fixture on the Pacific Northwest wrestling scene, Rose was 56 years old. From the Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Eck :

During his heyday in the 1970s and ™80s, the rotund Rose was the ultimate example of not judging a book by its cover. Despite his flabby physique, Rose was actually a gifted worker. He could deliver a nice dropkick, was a proficient bump-taker and cut good promos.

Rose was the top heel for a number of years in the Portland territory, where he had legendary feuds with Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka. I first saw Rose wrestle in person in the early ™80s during his stint in the WWF. He and champion Bob Backlund had some entertaining matches together. I remember how surprised I was that Rose could keep up in the ring with Backlund, who was in incredible shape.

In 1985, Rose became the answer to a trivia question. Wearing a mask and billed as The Executioner, he wrestled in the very first WrestleMania match, losing to Tito Santana.

Rose came back to the WWF later in his career and worked as an enhancement guy. Severely overweight at that point, his gimmick was that he demanded to be announced as weighing 217 pounds. Fans from that era probably recall the campy œBlow Away Diet infomercial spoof that Rose did.

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  1. Lanny Poffo says:

    I wrestled for Don Owen in 1978. Buddy Rose lost a haircut match and started wearing a blond wig. I saw the crowd POP. I watched and remembered. Then in WrestleMania 6, Brutus Beefcake cut my hair. I copied Buddy Rose’s gimmick and started wrestling in a wig. I pretended to be humiliated when Hulk Hogan would tear my wig off. The crowd enjoyed it but I stole Buddy Rose’s gimmick! He was the creator and I was just the copycat. I love you Paul. Rest in peace dear friend!

  2. jeremy says:

    i remember playboy buddy rose when he wrestled in portland oregon he was a graet wrestler and he will be missed

  3. Carol Ward says:

    You were great to watch.
    I will miss you very much.

  4. Tim Smith says:

    I remember as a young kid going the sports arena in Eugene Or, where i live
    i’ll really miss the playboy

  5. Kenny Price says:

    Growing up in the south end projects of Seattle was not much fun except for every other Wednesday night—”BIG TIME WRESTLING” My best memory was
    August, 1978, Seattle Arena. (gone now)
    Coal-Miners match with Dutch Savage, Jimmy Snuka, and yes—Jesse Ventura (long before The Body) I think Stan Stasiac was there too with his famous “Heart-Punch”…..what memories!!!! We’ll miss you, Buddy–RIP!!!

  6. SOLVEIG YATES says:

    I too remember those Wednesday nights………..

  7. Tammy Clason says:

    I have been friends with Buddy since the mid 1970′s. My Mom, sister and I became close to many of the wrestlers then and our home in Keizer was the place to go for any matches south of Portland. Thank you so much Buddy for being such a great friend. The amazing thing is that in the 30+ years, we never ever lost touch with each other. We continued to stay in touch up until his untimely heart breaking death.
    I will miss his smile, his laugh, and the little kid that lived inside of him entertaining everyone he came in contact with.
    Rest in Peace my Dear Friend. Thank You so much for all the wonderful times and memories that we shared. You will live on in my heart and so many others forever.
    Borrowing how you signed all of your e-mails to me, Friends For Life, Love, Tammy

  8. carol ward says:

    Tammy Clason:
    I think I remember you in Salem and Portland at the matches.
    I would like to contact you regarding our friend, Buddy.
    If you would like.
    You were his friend for life, He called me is BFF.
    I don’t want to compete, but just want to to talkabout nice memories.
    Carol Ward.
    PS, RIP, Buddy I have very fond memories of you my BFF.

  9. Carol Ward says:

    Tammy or anybody:
    Please contact me and we can honor Buddy in our own way.
    I miss him very much.

  10. Carol Ward says:

    Dear Buddy,



  11. Tammy Clason says:

    Hi Carol, I’m sorry that I did not realize that you had left me a message. It would be great to talk about Buddy. I can do that all day and never stop smiling while picturing his smile. What city did you live in?
    I’m headed out the door now, or I would send you a mail now. We will share some memories soon.
    Take Care, Tammy

  12. Carol Ward says:

    Tammy, thanks for the reply.
    I have a new email addess it’s:

    I lived in Salem between 1977 and 1980 and again in 1983. I lived in Rockaway Beach and reconnected with Buddy in 2007 and we talked every day either by phone or email til his death.. I know exactly what you mean by smiling all day thinking about him..I even kept some of his email and giggle..haha
    Looking forward to catching up with you.
    Happy New Year,

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