Police Harrassment Of Bengals Continues

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Cincinnati DT Matthias Askew was tasered and arrested last night after ignoring orders to move an illegally parked car, then breaking free of officers trying to handcuff him.

Askew’s bust comes on the heels of a succession of embarrassing off-field incidents for the Bengals, including Chris Henry’s multitude of legal troubles, A.J. Nicholoson’s burglary arrest, and spousal battery charges against DE Frostee Rucker.

Much like the Portland Blazers of recent vintage, I would hope Marvin Lewis and the good people of Cincinnati would understand that their players are being unfairly targeted by law enforcement.

With news of Ricky Williams’ latest career setback making headlines across the continent, I’d like to be the twenty thousandth person to suggest something other than medical marijuana during the former Longhorn’s convalesence.

2 Responses to “Police Harrassment Of Bengals Continues”

  1. Brad Black says:

    I totally agree, these officers are really showing prejudice towards these players. The people of Cincinnati dont relize the treatment from the law enforcement

  2. Brittany says:

    Although I am a huge Bengals fan and have been my whole life, I actually disagree with you. There are a ton of arrest like these in this area. Do you think just because they are Bengal players that they shouldn’t be arrested for burglary or beating up their wives? I actually had Matthias Askew come into my place of work and order some frames to put his old jerseys in. When he came to pick them up he stuffed 2 of the 3 invoices behind other merchandise and told the cashier that all the frames were on the one order. I got in yelled at by my boss for what this idiot did. But my boss was to afraid to do anything about the theft. I personally think they need to arrest them to show them they aren’t above the law

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