Postcard From Gonerfest 5, Pt. I

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Hi-Tone gents toilet, Friday evening.  Who knew that John Calipari was the kind of guy to take a Sharpie to a bar?

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  1. tony in tucson says:

    Nobody seems to be interested in MLB baseball unsless they have visions of fancy that their untalented, uncooordinated kid might make them rich some day.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Unless your kids are already the fastest and biggest in their school and have started a program of heavy duty sports supplements and light steroids, they will never get anywhere.

    Insrtead, buy them a motocross bike and teach them some tricks. It doesn’;t pay as much but at least their friends can watch on TV before them end uop on the streets hung up on meth and selling newpapers for tips/

  2. GC says:

    unrelated-to-the-post CSTB comment of the year!

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