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“Press boxes are the most depressing places on earth.” – Will Leitch, interviewed on yesterday’s Metsblog podcast.

Indeed, I’ve often heard that the atmosphere in Busch Stadium’s press box is far worse than say, Rwanda circa 1994.

In the course of the brief chat, Will did stress that today’s new generation of bloggers have a degree of credibility/autonomy that old media fucks jockeying for positions on “Around The Horn” cannot claim.

Quite frankly, what’s so bad about a guy that’s dying to be on TV?

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  1. Brushback says:

    “Quite frankly, what’s so bad about a guy that’s dying to be on TV?”

    How about, “He dresses like a Sweathog and has a face like Soon-Yi Previn“?

  2. CSTB says:

    ok, I think your bashing of W.L. is getting a little creepy (and it’s about time that someone who doesn’t work at Viacom says so). First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the jacket….and secondly, I was _born_ in Connecticut. There are maybe, a dozen women there (at most) who are as attractive as Soon Yi Previn.

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