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From Bob Raissman in Friday’s NY Daily News.

Maybe the Mets get on their feet again in Florida. However, if this downward spiral continues, Willie Randolph is going to feel the kind of heat he never, ever, experienced as a Yankee. He won’t have the protection of propaganda organs like Al Yankzeera, or Radio Al Yank, and the variety of on-air shills who are paid by George Steinbrenner.

There will be an endless procession of Mets fans calling WFAN. They will be screaming long and loud, looking – once again – for someone to blame everything on. They will start mocking Randolph’s “we played with energy” or “the kids are having fun” post-loss lines the same way they mocked Art Howe’s “we’re battling” mantra.

Randolph is already showing sensitivity to WFAN callers. On Wednesday, Randolph, during an audience with beat scribes, overreacted to FAN buzz about him resting certain players too much. He also countered Fran Healy’s MSG comments about Cliff Floyd’s slumping having something to do with the way Randolph uses him.

“Don’t you make the grand leap that Willie is beginning a meltdown,” a well-embedded Mets mole said. “This isn’t what those (Floyd) comments are about.”

Whatever. If the Mets eventually descend deeper into the ring of fire, it will take on a familar feeling for Sheaites used to being burned. It will also spell more than the usual sense of doom for Fred (Skill Sets) Wilpon & Co.

See, unlike any other recent season, there are heavier financial ramifications if the Mets move in with the Tidy Bowl Man.

With the quick-to-judge NY fans in mind, perhaps it would be a good idea for one of the Mets (perhaps Eric Valent?) to come forward and announce he’s been in therapy for the past few years.

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    I cant speak as a Mets fan but Mr Raissman really seems to be a bit doomishly dramatic. I live in the NY area and have plenty of Met fan friends and co-workers and as they will curse and gripe when its warranted, when the dust is settled, they all know the Mets are a work in progress, there will be ups and downs, and that the Mets are not a team with little/no hope and things overall are a huge step up from the awful situation of the past few years.

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