Recent NFL History With Jim Rome

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While tearing into Norv Turner for the Raiders’ 16 penalties in last night’s 30-20 loss to New England, Jim Rome proclaimed that Oakland “never recovered from the ‘tuck-rule’ game” in Foxboro.

Indeed..if you consider going to the Super Bowl the following season another step in the franchise’s decline. Heck, even Barret Robins could keep track of this stuff.

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  1. Derek says:

    I think there’s literally one guy (Charles Woodson) playing for the Raiders during the “tuck rule” game who is still on the team.

  2. Greg K. says:

    I was going to ask how you can even stand listening to jim rome but then I realized I have russo and francesa on.

  3. CSTB says:

    if I don’t listen to Rome every day, who else is going to break down the WNBA playoffs for me?

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