Remembering Rockism’s Darkest Day

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Though I’m not sure Mike Veeck or Steve Dahl could’ve envisioned they’d someday lay the ground work for a Kelefa Sanneh treatise, I’ll give the pair a little bit of credit. They sold far more tickets for the above July 12, 1979 promotion than the Round Rock Express managed for 2012′s ill-fated Rape Gaze Demolition Night.

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  1. Ranna says:

    Oh good Christ Gerard…no one really gives two shits about this. Remember that you are …fuck it…self awareness was never one of your strong suits…nor mine.

  2. Ranna says:

    I guess I’m just saying that I’ve been a dick…but when it comes to cockmeat sandwiches, well you kinda…you know? Ya, deep down you know. Thanks for finally owning up to this Bro.

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