Rosenthal : Sox Will Eat Millions To Move Manny

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From the Sporting News’ Ken Rosenthal :

Look for the Red Sox to finally trade LF Manny Ramirez this offseason. A thin free-agent market for sluggers will intensify the demand for Ramirez, and the Sox likely will be willing to pay some of the $57 million remaining on Ramirez’s contract through 2008 and/or take back salary in return.

The Mets, Marlins and Rangers are potential suitors for Ramirez. And don’t rule out the Nationals under new ownership ” especially if Jim Bowden remains general manager.

Implosion of the week, by the way, comes courtesy of Manny’s teammate, the Sultan Of Sloth.

3 Responses to “Rosenthal : Sox Will Eat Millions To Move Manny”

  1. WisdomWeasel says:

    “”I guess that gives umpires a reason to do whatever the hell they want to do,” Wells said, adding that he thought he was pushing teammate Kevin Millar”

    Well I guess thats alright then, I mean sometimes Millar just cries out for a shoving. I also love how the Sox management use the same language to molify Selig as North Korean state television does about Kim Jong Il.

  2. Rance Piatt says:

    If the market for sluggers is going to be so thin, why in the world would the Sox be willing to eat more of Manny’s contract to move him?

  3. CSTB says:

    agreed, hard to figure how this makes sense. You’d think this speculation surrounded someone whose contract was so prohibitive (Mike Hampton, Chan Ho Park, the Giambino) that the player in question wasn’t worth a third of what he was getting.

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