October 21 In Tweets : There’s No Less Crying In Basketball

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  • don’t weep too much for Adam Morrison, cut today by the Wizards. He still has a lucrative career under the name William Murderface #
  • dear Jeff Wilpon – enough with the spam, please #
  • blogs w/out brains. see if your knee-jerk callousness plays well with real HIV-positive homeless folk RE http://bit.ly/afIg5W #
  • Endless Boogie, Max Fish, NYC http://yfrog.com/mgg38jj #
  • RT @Holy_Mountain: “Dear Penthouse Forum, I never believed your obituaries until today.” – Anthony Bedard #
  • RT @GonerRecords: John Wesley Coleman – Bad Lady Goes To Jail lp & cd available at Goner now! Orange vinyl! http://alturl.com/b7mxn #

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