Silverman : Theo Was Fed Up With Lucchino’s Sneaky Leaks

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From the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman :

Theo Epstein stunned the Red Sox and the baseball world this afternoon by walking away from his job as general manager.

Just hours before his deal was set to expire at midnight, Epstein told his bosses and associates at the Red Sox™ Yawkey Way offices that he had decided not to accept a three-year deal worth $1.5 million a year, an extension for the contract he signed on Nov. 25, 2002.

Epstein had done some agonizing soul-searching the past few days, torn between staying at the job he had always coveted since his childhood days in Brookline and leaving because of intra-organizational politics and power struggles that he ultimately decided he could not live with any longer.

Epstein had come close to agreeing to a deal Saturday evening but had not officially conveyed acceptance of it. On Sunday, he began having serious misgivings about staying on. A leading contributing factor, according to sources close to the situation, was a column in Sunday™s Boston Globe in which too much inside information about the relationship between Epstein and his mentor, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino, was revealed — in a manner slanted too much in Lucchino™s favor. Epstein, according to these sources, had several reasons to believe Lucchino was a primary source behind the column and came to the realization that if this information were leaked hours before Epstein was going to agree to a new long-term deal, it signaled excessive bad faith between him and Lucchino.

Interestingly, Toronto’s J.P. Riccardi is not included on Silverman’s short list of candidates for Boston’s new opening.

10 Responses to “Silverman : Theo Was Fed Up With Lucchino’s Sneaky Leaks”

  1. Greg K. says:

    Even if Lucchino was worse than Lizzie Grubman, I would still take the 4.5 million. That’s just me though.

  2. gooblar says:

    One. This is bad news.
    Two. Bring on DePo???
    I’m confused.

  3. CSTB says:


    it seems kind of amazing that Cashman has decided he can put up with Steinbrenner for another year, while Theo says 3 years under Lucchino is enough.


    given DePodesta’s alleged aloofness, Boston sounds like a death sentence for him. But who knows? Stereotypes are perpetuated up the kazoo. I have no idea what these guys are really like. But it is fascinating to see the amount of effort the likes of Plaschke and Shaughnessey put forth in these one-dimensional portrayals…

  4. kt says:

    i’m going outside to scream obscenities at nobody in particular. i’ll be back in 40 minutes.

    same old fucking red sox.

  5. CSTB says:

    David Ortiz, as quoted in Tuesday’s Boston Globe by Chris Snow :

    “He (Epstein) leaves a team in transition, a team that must decide whether to accommodate Manny Ramirez’s trade request, how to improve its pitching staff, and whether to re-sign center fielder Johnny Damon and other free agents. But first the team must hire a general manager, and David Ortiz, speaking by phone last night, wondered who will want to work under Lucchino’s heavy hand.

    ”Who is the GM going to be?” Ortiz asked. ”And who is going to want to become GM of our team to work for somebody else? A GM wants to be somebody in a position [of power]. If you’re going to be the GM, just to get orders from someone else, it’s something they aren’t really comfortable with.

    ”We need Theo. Hopefully, they put it together to keep Theo.

    ”I think the problem is Theo is not getting enough of a position to say, ‘I’m going to do this, if I [mess] up, I [mess] up.’

    ”They’ve got to give it to him,” Ortiz said, meaning that the club should fight to retain Epstein and give him greater authority in making baseball decisions. ”He came up with some good ideas that did nothing but help this ball club, this team.

    ”Before, from what I hear, they had good players, but they never had that chemistry. That’s what the team is based on. Who brings the mentality to play the game every day? He understands that.”

  6. Wood Is Good says:

    Does anyone have a link to that Sunday Boston Globe article?? I can’t seem to find it online.

  7. kt says:

    w.i.g., the article is linked within shaughnessy’s ass-covering column on boston.com today.

    sour old man.

  8. Wood Is Good says:

    Thanks, KT!

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