Speaking Ill Of The Dead (& Dismembered)

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From the Daily Texan’s Adam H. Covici and Clint Johnson :

You could say Colton Pitonyak had a rough summer.

In June, he served 20 days in jail for a previous cocaine charge. A month and a half after he got out, he was charged with committing the most brutal campus-area crime in recent memory.

The 22-year-old student, charged with murdering Jennifer Cave, 21, dismembering her body and fleeing to Mexico, previously spent a month in drug rehab. He has a drug problem. That much is clear.

Jenna Jasso, a UT mechanical engineering senior, dated Pitonyak’s friend, Juan Montero, and knew Cave from her high school in Corpus Christi.

She describes Cave as an outgoing person who wanted desperately to fit in, and may have used her sexuality to get attention from guys.

“She came to school halfway through senior year after everyone had already made friends, and started doing some scandalous things to fit in,” Jasso said.

Note to all female CSTB readers —- try very hard not to be brutally murdered & hacked up, because a local newspaper might track down a high school classmate who will imply you were asking for it.

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  1. walkerfreeman says:

    It may not be what it seems.

    Teachers from Pitonyak’s past say he was never violent….okay people change? Still consider this….

    Why is Sam Bassett, Pitonyak’s attorney, quickly selected and from the same firm as that which defended Tom DeLay’s buddy named in the Trimpac scandal and also the firm involved in the yogurt murder trial? The yogurt shop Harbison girls? Related to the Harbison family so close to Halliburton’s Dresser Industries? You know the one. The one that GWB signed legislation to protect against “law-suit” abuse by limiting the awards for asbestos related claims. Harbison is big into asbestos.

    Did the Breed brothers of the Ace Hardware store have any connections to the City of Austin’s building/codes scandal which had honest police officers (there are some) crying foul and filing a qui tam law suit agains the city when they discovere it? Have experts looked closely at any video footage that may have pointed a finger at Pitonyak? Lie detector tests for Breed/s and their clerk/s?

    Doesn’t this senario make Pitonyak look to be a really DUMBER THAN DUMB T-Sip? PLEASE, this is a premier university that takes some degree of intelligence to enter. Would anyone cooking a turkey OR dismembering a body tell a sales person at the hardware store that they’re cooking a turkey and want to cut it up using a hack saw? “AH, YOU’RE DOING WHAT?!!??? TO A TURKEY. GEE, WHAT KIND OF MORON ARE YOU ANYWAY?” Not likely for someone wanting to fly beneath the radar.

    This would put poor Pitonyak between what George Carlin describes as a DF and a FOS (go whatch his tapes, I’m writing this in a library). Anyone who is both a DF and FOS is in a VERY, VERY limited segment of the population.

    And if cocaine is his drug of choice, doesn’t it make one slightly sharper than dumber?

    Is Pitonyak’s family involved in anything in Little Rock that’s anywhere near the Rose Law Firm then connects them to South Texas? If you want the connnection to buddies “muck-and-mire” GHWB (the mind behind Iran-Contra) and Clinton (who was Arkansas Governor at the time and needed for Barry Seal’s Mena suggling operation where two boys were murdered…search on Mena Train Deaths)look to Mena, Arkansas (just read Brewton…now a journalism professor at Texas Tech)

    Is Jennifer’s family in South Texas anywhere near the Bush Iran-Contra Network that WAS NOT disassembled after Secretary of State George Schultz promised the nation it would be? This is what we weren’t suppose to find out about James R Bath and GWB’s time together in the Texas Air Natinal Guard. Ellington Field Houston, where they served together and where Bath was given the fuel consessions was home to renegade freedom fighter, pimp and drug runner Claire Chennaux of the famous Flying Tigers. Tex Hill, himself a Flying Tiger was head of the Texas Air National Guard when Bush and Bath were there together. Talking about history repeating itself. Drugs funded Chennault as they did the Contras. Read Peter Brewton’s THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH…the most censored book in the world in 1990…Brewton an attorney and award winning journalist from the Houston Post and Chronicle. Are any of the personalities he uncovers anywhere near any of these three families? (Hall, Pitonyak or Cave?)

    If Iran-Contra’s drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages progrom taught us anything it’s that our two-headed hydra of a government is a criminal enterprise. If these families are/were anywhere near that enterprise they’re in….deep yogurt!


  2. Clayton Cave says:

    Jennifer was a magnificent person she was the greatest sister a little brther could have. when ever i had girl problems or stupid litte things like that i could always call my jen and she would help me through my problems, no matter what time it was day or night she wuld take time to help her baby brother out. I would always get so mad when she would call me baby cause at 18 no bay wants to be called baby but she didnt care i was her baby brother. I hope pitonyak gets the absolute worst where ever he goes i hope they beat him every day. thats a horrible thing to say about someone but i cant help it he took someone very close to me. So i hope he rotts in hell!!!!!!!!! so now i am done with that in loveing memory i live strong for you jen. Your baby brother Clayton

  3. Chantal says:

    bla bla bla who gives a fuck! i’m sorry no fucking CIA mob crime boss told that psycho killer to do drugs and drive drunk. that guy is totally guilty and i’m so glad i didn’t know jennifer b/c this is the sickest thing that could ever happen to anyone i know. thank god for homeschooling and thank god carroll is not my district. and fuck that girl who talked shit about her for being slutty! bitch!

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