Speaking Ill Of The Ill

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It’s always a sickening thing when overpaid, underworked psuedo-celebs try to parlay their notoriety into exposure for their dubious musical efforts. But enough about the Air Traffic Controllers, have you heard J.D. & The Straight Shot’s “Shoot That Dog” yet?

On an entirely different sort of musical tip, Repoz writes,

Sounding like an outake from a lost over-produced Barry Goldberg LP (one where they sold the public on thinking that a drunko Bob Dylan had showed up to pass gas vapors on the harmonica…only to have it buried in the mix) …it’s a Gammons cut!

(it should be stressed that we’ve not seen Peter and B.C. Gilbert in the same room before)

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  1. tim midgett says:

    Gammons’ song isn’t that bad. It’s super-duper-competent, or cleaned-up anyway. Maybe it’s just the Missoula, Montana shout-out influencing my opinion. This music is exactly the kind of tidy Hiatt/Raitt bloozrock that goes over _great_ in Missoula. Put the Top Hat on the tour itinerary.

    It’s about 1,000,000 times better than JD and the Straight Shot, anyway.

  2. GC says:


    you’re about to receive an email from Charles Dolan letting you know a) that this abuse of his son is wrong, wrong wrong and b) your cable bill is going up

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