Steve Young : Phil’s Kid Is A Softie

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From USA Today’s Michael McCarthy.

CBS sportscaster Phil Simms blasted ESPN’s Steve Young on Monday as a football dilettante who shouldn’t question the physical or mental toughness of his son Chris Simms, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The war of words between the former Super Bowl MVPs erupted after Young, appearing on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, questioned whether Chris Simms had the “mental toughness” to handle the “information overload” of the NFL after growing up in a “laissez-faire” atmosphere.”

“When you follow football one day a week it’s hard to know much what is going on,” Simms said about Young.

Simms, the former New York Giants quarterback turned lead football analyst for CBS, added he won’t stand for Young questioning his 25-year-old son’s mental toughness.

“He didn’t grow up in a laissez-faire atmosphere. Far from it. Come to my house and live with me and we’ll see how laissez-faire it is,” Simms said.

(on the left, the mentally tough Chris Simms)

After cutting his teeth up on the mean streets of Greenwich, CT (see Shane McMahon, Mean St. Posse, etc.) and having matriculated at Brigham Young University, I think Steve Young is well qualified to comment on a laissez-faire atmosphere.

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  1. Jamey says:

    I am stationed in the Bavarian state of Germany. I feel absolutely fortunate that I get to watch my favorite team, the NYG Big Blue, play almost every week. I have most of Phil’s cards, and followed him since I could spell football (now 29 years young). The Giants were New England’s team before there was a ‘Patriots’. And I have also grown to respect Steve Young for his incredible talent and accomplishments. And now these two Sunday afternoon heroes are in a different realm of the business, not the sport, of football. If Young was making a comment on a analytical level in the studio, and not a verbal stab at his once-rival’s son, then Simms should step back just for a second and remember that it’s business, not personal. He need not forget that, heaven forbid, his son ‘can’t hang’ in the league or isn’t ready for what Pro dishes out, #1 that’s no disgrace to either of them, and #2 it would never, could never take away or erase the awesome New York Giants QB that Simms was, and to alot of us Giants fans, always will be. Just a side note: I haven’t seen a Bucs game yet this season to even relate to what Young is talking about. It’s tough to see most games here in Deutschland.

  2. Maria Cuttitta says:

    I believe everyone should say what they want to say but to question Chris Simm’s ability , the son of the Best quarterback in the world who has never made a biased comment and has stated once before if Chris Simms (Bucs) ever went to superbowl he would not be a commentator. what more can you say.

    Besides, does Steve young actually watch the games , where Chris plays with all heart and soul.

    Steve watch the Chris Simms , learn something.

    Thank you.

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