The End Of The Former Hoosier Dome

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Indy’s RCA Dome, former home to the NFL Colts and site of 4 NCAA Final Fours, was imploded earlier today to make way for a video library of Peyton Manning’s TV commercial work circa 1998-2008. Though the implosion was widely seen on local TV, there’s no truth to the rumor the Colts would have attempted to offer the event on PPV if Mike Vanderjagt had agreed to serve as master of ceremonies…from the 50 yard line.

2 Responses to “The End Of The Former Hoosier Dome”

  1. Rog says:

    We used to manufacture goods and invent new technologies, now we implode perfectly good stadiums and build new ones that have luxury boxes for the rich. That’s our economy. Building stadiums. Blowing up old stadiums. Using eminent domain to achieve our goals. I hate people.

  2. terry tarvin says:

    i agree, its bullshit,,, stadiums built by for the rich with taxpayers money just because they think they need to host the superbowl>>
    happened yesterday to texas stadium,rip,,,, 39 year old perfect stadium… just for jerry world in arlington, texas . jerry world was built by eminent domain confiscating peoples homes… it it a very poor location, poor high priced outrageous parking prices, and seat prices…….. it needs to stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a super wal mart directly accross the street from new cowboy stadium,,,, kinda says it all,,, wal mart as there first…. traffic is aweful

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